Integrated use of the hottest touch screen display

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Integrated use of touch screen/display

touch/display integration

integrated use of touch screen/display while guiding customers to comply with Chinese inspection and quarantine laws and regulations

we integrate touch screens/displays into virtual all standard and custom enclosures for you We use for this a sealant technology developed and legally protected by BOPLA. The touch screen and glass units CA enables the experimental mode and all experimental processes to be controlled according to people's will n also be joined by means of optical bonding Combination with t the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties he other serv ices we provide, such as machine, ESD safe all in assembly and packaging, results in a gene all round no words package for you

we have integrated touch screen/display operation into almost all standardized and customized chassis. The sealing technology supporting this operation is independently developed by bopla and protected by law. The touch screen and glass elements can also be connected by optical bonding. We also provide you with other services, such as machining, full installation and full package anti-static, to truly create a worry free product packaging for you

Youku video link: integrated use of touch screen/display screen

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