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Electric power integrated automation system

electric power integrated automation system epsynall is a configuration software for electric power integrated automation system developed by Taili Information Industry Co., Ltd. in combination with the engineering practice experience of electric power scientific research of State Power Corporation (the former Ministry of electric power). The software is based on the real 32-bit integrated software system of Windows NT/98/95/2000 operating platform, and uses the latest cutting-edge technologies: tcp/ip group technology, component (COM) programming Script language, ADO, SQL server, web, etc; From the system structure, especially for the research and development of lightweight products, the hierarchical monitoring model suitable for the shape structure is first introduced, and the real-time/historical database organization mode with switch/line as the fading unit is first adopted, which greatly improves the system capacity and shortens the system development cycle; Epsynall power system professional software package developed with advanced design idea has good compatibility and scalability, and can meet the current power system through plastic deformation to shape the required shape or objects with suitable tightening force and various automation development needs in the future. The main features of epsynall: l it is a 32-bit standard design with real multitasking and multithreading. It can support Microsoft Windows95/98/NT/2000 at the same time, and support cross platform connection of database system. The distributed networking architecture, based on tcp/ip protocol, is applicable to Ethernet (10m, 100m, 1gm), optical fiber ring (FDDI) and other heterogeneous (dedicated line, dial-up and serial port group, etc.) to extend and network without strong neck. The system organization model of the organic combination of peer to peer and client/server has brought fundamental changes to the performance of power automation system in the following three aspects:

1 High consistency and synchronization of alarm and real-time data of all functional servers and workstations in the whole network

2. It greatly reduces the CPU occupation rate of the system and improves the ability and reliability of the system to deal with emergencies

3. It greatly reduces the interdependence between the functional subsystems of the system, improves the reliability of the system as a whole, and ensures the self recovery performance of the system under abnormal conditions

transparent network configuration technology greatly shortens the development cycle of large-scale centralized monitoring and management system based on internet/intranet application, and improves the stability and maintainability of the system

1. It provides the advantages and useful tools of the general configuration system. Users can design their own style of man-machine interface according to the needs of engineering practice. Its super graphic animation, text tools and fool user interface support the rapid construction of various static and dynamic pictures required to simulate the real scene in the operating system. Provide programmable power automation HMI components, including switch/loop telemetry data, signal, switch action, out of limit alarm, bar chart/pie chart and other convenient and fast COM components, which greatly reduces the number of pictures of the system and greatly shortens the time of system integration; The unique large-scale fast solution algorithm ensures good response speed in large-scale system application

2. Powerful script command language, operation and function functions meet various requirements of users. The open database management system directly supports the distributed and server management of event, alarm and historical databases, and can automatically realize the seamless connection with other relational database systems

3. Rich protocol interpretation libraries (ministerial CDT, polling, iec-, DNP, CANbus, LonWorks, MODBUS, etc.) support equipment integration from multiple manufacturers. The unique redundant multi machine hot standby directly supports the traditional parallel data acquisition path. It has real-time reports, trend curves, multimedia (sound, image, etc.) alarm windows

4. The powerful report generator can easily generate various reports, such as monthly reports, annual reports and user-defined reports, and support various commercial database records and field level real-time seamless read-write operations and process level access

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