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Instrument integration improves operation transparency

Reading Guide: at present, a complete set of image operation instruments and equipment with diagonal size of display screen of 8.4 have emerged in the field of high-performance operation and visual control. Check whether the workmanship of the torque tester is an internal part of the solid torque tester equipment. If we can't check, the equipment can be integrated into the automatic control network to provide detailed details of the control and adjustment process of the machine tool and equipment. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and multi-functional system ensure the reliable connection with the upper master control system

gt 16 series operator has multimedia function, which is suitable for operation control, process monitoring and fault diagnosis and analysis of machine tool equipment.

production and processing enterprises always put forward requirements to shorten the downtime of machine tool equipment. Today, enterprises have been able to do this with new operating instruments and equipment: Mitsubishi has demonstrated all this with its newly developed high-performance series of operating instruments got 1000. Got 1000 series operation instruments have 12 types, and the display sizes are 8.4, 10.4, 12.1 and 15

it should be noted that the operating equipment with a resolution of 1024 768 pixels and 65536 colors of TFT flat display and touch-screen operation screen can realize variable display and overall description of the working process of the machine tool and equipment. According to Mitsubishi, the core of this technology is the newly developed master microprocessor and image processor chip. They guarantee fast operation response time and can quickly form images on the display with the help of a dedicated cache mechanism. According to the manufacturer, the capacity of its graphics memory is 57mb, which can meet the high requirements of daily operation and visualization tasks. In order to meet the requirements of the production site, the safety protection grade of the front of the instrument shell has reached IP 67F, which has good resistance to dust, spray water, corrosive coolant and lubricating fluid. The instrument is allowed to work within the temperature range of 0 ~ 50 ℃

applicable to various tasks

various interfaces and expansion possibilities enable this instrument to be easily and quickly integrated into different machine tools and equipment. Its basic configuration includes one high-speed Ethernet interface, two serial port interfaces (RS 232 and RS 442/485), and two USB interfaces (with USB host and USB device function due to the point contact between the bearing ball and the axis) that can be connected to the computer and USB flash disk. One is located at the front and the socket of the compact flash card. In addition, there are 2 spare expansion slots, which can be used to expand to 6 data communication ports or other plug-in boards. Optional accessories include interface module and network module, multimedia module, video and audio function module, USB print interface and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) interface, so as to transmit data from the production site to the upper MES in real time

the direct communication with the database system is carried out indirectly in SQL (database language) format through Ethernet tcp/ip protocol. Each instrument can send the production process data and processing data set by the four connected instruments, or receive data from the management network and distribute them. This 4-channel data transmission mode also supports the controller of the third-party control system supplier, and can easily incorporate the third-party controller into the production information system. When selecting the data required to control the production and operation process, the equipment usually needs ordinary software, without too much knowledge and understanding of database programming. This simple and convenient MES solution omits the problems faced by the traditional customs, and the complex programming operations required by the computer and customs

got 1000 series operating instruments have maintained performance matching with Mitsubishi's product series, and their advantages can be reflected in the collaborative work with Mitsubishi's IQ platform. This integrated control scheme can combine SPS (programmable controller) control mode, monitoring, CNC digital control and robot control technology of production and processing enterprises to form an integrated automation platform. The data exchange between microprocessors is completed through the common control bus. GT 16 operator (as shown in the figure) can also be used as a graphical human-computer interface, which is an important part of the scheme. The operator can directly connect with the expansion bus without assignment, form a whole with IQ platform, and exchange data with the main control system in real time. The close combination of this technology makes it a powerful tool for production control, process monitoring and fault diagnosis and analysis

the fault alarm is uniformly sent by the operator

according to the manufacturer, the alarm of the whole CPU does not need complex programming control, but is centrally controlled and managed by the operator itself. In order to have better operation control performance in case of system fault alarm, the system classifies different alarm conditions into priority levels or machine tool categories. It will affect the operation of the pre-set diagnostic monitor, which can quickly define the location of the fault and find out the possible solutions for troubleshooting; Then, through the selection window, the operator can give the overall overview of the automation system, such as various programs, connected components or networks. The user can read the data of all controllers in the network, including the parts preventive alarm prompts monitored by the operator or sent by other components. They are also included in the alarm information processing and can also be displayed on the display screen

in addition to the alarm information, the operator can also provide information related to prompts, steps that can be taken to eliminate interference, and maintenance suggestions. In addition to saving different versions of machine tool technical documents, operation manuals and troubleshooting guides, and reading them when necessary, the operator also has a video display function, which can display the above documents in the form of video and audio. In addition, in combination with the camera directly connected to the operator, it can carry out detailed multimedia monitoring on the key parts of the machine tool equipment. Once the use cost is more expensive, and the key parts have problems, the operator can automatically save the live video for 15 minutes, and immediately use it for fault diagnosis and analysis. The multimedia monitoring function can realize the longest video and audio monitoring time of more than 25h

this operator can also input new processing programs in the continuous production process, so as to update and upgrade the manufacturer's control system; At the same time, new driving components can be added through the USB interface of the operator. The operator can also save the SPS data and control program on the U disk through the USB interface, so as to ensure that the data and system can be recovered quickly and reliably when the parts are replaced

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