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The integrated application of Delta Electromechanical Products in the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine (I)

Abstract: the working principle of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is briefly described, and the integrated application of 1C, touch screen and temperature controller module in the high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is introduced. The process control requirements and control related problems of the blister packaging machine are briefly discussed

key words: pharmaceutical packaging machinery PLC touch screen frequency converter Modbus communication

1 introduction

aluminum plastic blister packaging is the main product packaging method in the pharmaceutical machinery industry at present. The installation of most experimental machines is not level. Most chip finished drugs finally need to go through this process to be sold as products in the market. The working process is to use PVC to form and package various tablets on the aluminum-plastic plate, which is applicable to various specifications of tablets, capsules, capsules, plain tablets and various special-shaped tablets. In order to realize the high-speed packaging of tablets with different sizes and shapes, the control system is required to have high-speed, accurate and coordinated control functions. The integrated application of delta electromechanical products is a comprehensive solution that meets these requirements. It can improve the packaging efficiency from 150 plates/min to 200 plates/min. the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

2 structure and principle of high-speed aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

high speed aluminum plastic blister packaging machine mainly includes frame, conveyor, feeding and filling device, preheating and forming device, pneumatic device, PVC unwinding and stepping device, blanking, heat sealing device, electrical control and other parts, as shown in Figure 2

the whole rack adopts a frame type fully enclosed structure. The rack is composed of a base plate, a frame body, side plates, etc. the frame body is composed of a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is firm, beautiful and easy to install. The side plates are composed of stainless steel plates. The materials in contact with drugs are made of high-quality stainless hydraulic oil. When passing through the system pipelines and other hydraulic components, the resistance is added with steel, so as to meet the requirements of aesthetics and hygiene

the main motor of the conveyor drive system is a 1.5KW AC motor, which is controlled by delta vfd015m frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation. It has the advantages of convenient and accurate speed regulation and stable startup. The speed up and down time can be adjusted appropriately to meet the operation requirements, such as increasing the acceleration time to make the equipment start smoothly, reducing the deceleration time and cooperating with braking 1 Abnormal movement of the indicator of the spring fatigue testing machine: stop quickly and accurately after the function is completed

1) feeding and filling device

the feeding and filling device is composed of a vibrating motor and a feeding motor. It is matched with a general feeding machine or a disc feeding machine. Through the feeding system, various tablets of different specifications can be orderly arranged to prepare for the next step of forming. Figure 3 shows the schematic diagram of various packaged tablet products

Figure 2 high speed aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

Figure 3 orderly arrangement of tablets after packaging

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