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"Integration" and "integration" to change the world -- four major changes in China's economic relations with the world

"actively integrating into the world". A few years ago, international people often used such statements to describe China's economy. "Cooperate with China and take the fast train of development". Today, people are more willing to look at China in this way

"those who come but cannot be lost have their time; those who leap but cannot be lost have their opportunity." In recent years, China has seized the opportunity of changes in the world economic pattern, complied with the general trend of changes in international relations, changed its strength from "big" to "strong", and faced the world with "integration" to promote "cooperation"

-- trade relations: from "production" leading to "market" driving force

"over the past 30 years, China and other countries have begun to integrate more deeply into the global trading system, and this process has had a far-reaching impact." International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Christine Lagarde said in her speech on the 11th. This world economic authority has raised its forecast for China's economic growth four times this year

once, "world factory" meant China's low-end production in the global value chain. Now, it already has a new connotation. While the production is constantly upgrading, the power of China's own market is more and more amazing to the world

the latest global competitiveness report 2017 released by the world economic forum shows that China ranks first in the world in terms of competitiveness in terms of "market size". Geiger, an economist at the forum, said that this indicator covers China's domestic market and export market. Among them, the domestic market demand has been significantly driven

"China, with a population of more than 1.3 billion, is such a huge market that even the market for ordering meals and manicure may exceed the entire automobile industry of a small country." This is the observation of the British economist magazine

in the past five years, China's total import volume ranked second in the world, making outstanding contributions to the world economic recovery under the background of great overall downward pressure. It is estimated that in the next five years, China will import US $8trillion of commodities and travel abroad will reach 700million people. It is not difficult to imagine the significance of this market to world economic growth

-- investment relationship: from "Introduction oriented" to "two-way and equal emphasis"

attracting and benefiting foreign investment in the Internet industry was once a key point for China to face the world economy. In recent years, while continuing to maintain its advantages in attracting investment, Chinese capital is steadily moving forward to the world

from small to large in quantity, from low to high in quality, and from narrow to wide in fields. It is estimated that in the next five years, China will absorb US $600billion in foreign investment, and the total amount of foreign investment will reach US $750billion... China has changed from focusing on "attracting investment" to "attracting investment at the same time", making full use of "two markets and two resources" to achieve sustainable economic development

in the past few years, the level of China's economic opening-up has been rising. The Chinese government has actively utilized foreign capital, reduced access restrictions and reduced the negative list. The structure and quality of attracting foreign investment have also been continuously optimized, and foreign investment is concentrated in high-end industries. In 2016, the actual use of foreign capital in China's high-tech service industry increased by 86% over the previous year

at the same time, China's foreign investment is also growing rapidly. Measuring the length and cross-sectional area after the fracture, China is expanding from a single green investment to cross-border mergers and acquisitions, equity participation, overseas listing and other ways. China is transferring energy to the global economy through investment. According to the data of the United Nations Conference on Trade and development, in 2016, global outward investment fell by 2%, but China's outward direct investment soared by 44%, reaching US $183billion, making it the second largest outward investor in the world

Li Bo, a researcher at the international Chinese Studies Center of Aichi University in Japan, believes that China's foreign investment model has changed from "teaching people to fish" to "teaching people to fish". Against the background of rising protectionist tendencies, China has actively promoted world economic cooperation and made great contributions by expanding foreign investment

-- Innovation relationship: from "imitating and following" to "striving to lead"

the only developing country that has broken into the top 10 in the innovation competitiveness of G20 countries, with more than one million domestic invention patents. Since this year, the birthplace of one third of the world's "unicorn" companies... Over the past five years, China has increasingly risen to be an "important pole" in the world's innovation landscape

from the long-term introduction and imitation of advanced technologies in the past to the present, China has promoted originality, strengthened innovation drive, optimized innovation environment and gathered innovation resources. China's "smart manufacturing" is in the ascendant. China has moved from "following" to "running together" in the field of innovation and international competition, and even achieved "leading" in some fields

the alliance of Illinois Institute of technology has reported to the relevant departments that in order to meet these requirements, Hayri Turck, a professor of Stuart School of local studies in Wuxi, Qingdao, Ningbo and Shenzhen, has seen the "change in China" in the field of innovation. He said that China vigorously promotes entrepreneurship and helps entrepreneurs develop through huge financial guidance funds. "In the global perspective, no country can have such efforts."

Ronnie Lins, director of the Brazilian Institute of China studies, said that China has a strong executive power to promote the implementation of innovation achievements, which gives endogenous impetus to economic growth and enlightens the world

-- relationship between ideas: from "absorbing learning" to "cooperation and mutual learning"

creating the Asian investment bank, promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road", building an open world economy, putting forward the concept of global economic governance through joint consultation, co construction and sharing, and advocating an open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win economic globalization... In recent years, China has put forward a series of new ideas and ideas that have attracted worldwide attention, Many developing countries have shifted from "learning from the west" to "exploring treasures in the East"

the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing is a scientific guide to China's development practice, and also contributes China's plan to promote world economic cooperation

"today, the world begins to rethink the current and future significance of China's economic policies to the world when globalization is facing a counter current," said Liu Di, a professor at Xinglin University in Japan. "China's experience of learning, practice and innovation has implications for the solution of many world problems in the 21st century."

overseas observers pointed out that China's economic development experience and its economic governance concept are integrated into the international community and not attached to the West; We should not only learn from the outstanding achievements of human civilization, but also adhere to independence; It not only promotes the development of homeopathy, but also shows the resilience under pressure. Looking forward to the future, the interaction between China's economy and the world will continue to deepen and bring fruitful results

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