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SABIC innovative plastics selects the improvement workflow of GE Fanuc intelligent platform

editor's note: SABIC innovative plastics selects the profit workflow of GE Fanuc intelligent platform to improve workflow and drive lean production. Lean production measures reduce costs through the electronic work instructions, corrective measures and operation arrangement of Lexan factory

charlottesville, VA, October 28, 2009, GE Fanuc intelligent platform, the business unit of Ge enterprise solutions, today announced that SABIC innovative plastics is installing its groundbreaking workflow management software, profile workflow, in its Lexan factory in Bergen OP zoom, the Netherlands. SABIC innovative plastics will use this system to connect and organize employees and workflow to promote lean production measures - decisions are made by the factory floor and costs are reduced

sabic innovative plastics are distributed all over the world and provide innovative solutions as needed in almost all manufacturing fields. Lexan factory in the Netherlands produces more than 20000 tons of plastic every week for various industries, such as automobiles, building boards, mobile and medical devices

"workflow management from GE will help us work in the right order and the right expected time - which is directly matched with our lean production measures," said Peter Bobby, the Dutch SABIC innovative plastic process availability leader and the Lean Six Sigma certification black belt. "With the profitability workflow, we can simplify production, constantly improve various workflow, and reduce waste and cost."

profitability workflow helps production teams find and eliminate waste quickly and easily, and ensures that best practices can become standard operations. The system enables electronic work orders to guide operators to take automatic error correction actions through appropriate production steps. SABIC will be able to manage workflow and regulations electronically and interactively to ensure that all work steps are completed correctly. In addition, the software also helps analyze programs to develop new best practices to help continuous improvement and rapid deployment and monitoring

"at GE, our long-term advantages in lean and digitalization," said Greg milinger, general manager of Proficy workflow products. "Proficy workflow packages various experiences to help enterprises cope with change and balance their best practices in a repeatable way within the enterprise. When every worker becomes your best worker, you really have a sustainable advantage."

as a workflow management software and high-precision sensor system, Proficy workflow enables advanced users to show the unique characteristics of cobalt upstream. Experts in the field can digitize manual and automatic processes, and only need one tool - capture process, traceability and cross system quality data, so as to reduce errors, waste and delays. The company can carry out exception management, arrange production and achieve event based and data-driven results. The Proficy workflow based on the Proficy SOA platform is also extended by third parties, and allows composite application solutions to enhance the value of existing MES, HMI and ERP systems. In SABIC, the Proficy workflow will interact with the profutm of the existing GE Fanuc intelligent platform of the factory, which can also be used for product quality control CY plant applications

workflow management systems, such as profitability workflow, support lean in the following aspects:

Graphic definition and documented workflow, so that it is easier to start refinement in the life cycle of the vehicle

find and eliminate non value-added activities more quickly and easily

implement the workflow through a controlled electronic system to ensure that the process is followed

real-time rather than "post event" improvement process

automatic collection Store and analyze production data, interrupt the cycle to continuously improve the

digital control plan and its implementation

consistent process improvement, so that the project continues to add value

"while monitoring and managing the workflow, the supervisor can also navigate the higher-level method of the system," Bobby said, "Supervisors can view all working processes in the system, evaluate performance, determine and deploy a best practice as a standard work, generate reports, etc. by using profitability workflow, the time loss caused by incorrect decisions will be minimized, and we will also have better asset utilization and FTE efficiency, which will lead to a lean organization."

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