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GE Fanuc announced that the PAC8000 controller provides DCS functions and increases the flexibility of PPS system

editor's note: Ge fan therefore knows that the latest functions of UC controller family improve the performance and production efficiency of DCS process applications. The new professional standard Proficy operating system enables customers to design and implement process control to meet their needs

charlottesville, VA, June 10, 2009, GE Fanuc intelligent platform, one of the business departments of Ge enterprise solutions, today announced the launch of its PAC8000 controller. The Proficy process system with PAC8000 controller provides customers with a powerful and flexible distributed control system (DCS). It includes a wide range of process control function module libraries, the ability of point-to-point communication controllers, the ability to process programs and real-time I/O changes, Hart implementation and redundancy. This controller will provide an ideal platform for today's DCS solutions. These systems will improve operational performance and productivity, and provide continuous advantages to customers' businesses

process industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, biofuel and power demand systems, provide high availability control, asset management solutions and internal safety i/o required by hazardous areas, and provide a comprehensive solution for the needs of process automation and functional safety at the same time. The PAC8000 controller provides all these capabilities, together with GE Fanuc's breakthrough process solution, Proficy process, which will provide customers with a solid DCS system with unparalleled flexibility, and the ability of the control solution to adjust to their specific application needs

pac8000 controller provides strict control loop response and has a wide Library of process control function modules. They are open controllers that give customers the flexibility to create process solutions

in addition to the new PAC8000 controller, GE Fanuc also launched the Proficy process system professional edition and Proficy process system standard edition. The standard version provides a reliable process control system, which effectively saves costs and adjusts GE Fanuc's current technology. The professional edition provides complete DCS control and optimization capabilities, such as change management and advanced Jany's history and analysis

"when we launched the Proficy process system in 2007, we provided customers with the ability to choose visualization - iFIX or Cimplicity, as well as the ability to choose their own Fieldbus - such as PROFIBUS, foundation fieldbus or Hart. Now, we allow them to choose their own controller," said Steve Ryan, general manager of process solutions, GE Fanuc smart brand awareness further expanded the platform, "They can choose from PAC RX3i or RX7i systems, which are ideal systems for the process industry. They can adjust a variety of manufacturing methods, such as food and beverage, or choose PAC8000 controller, which is an ideal choice for continuous DCS process system applications."

pac8000 controller can work in places that other controllers often cannot reach. They can be installed on site and adapt to some extreme environments including the following:

-40 ° C to +70 ° C working range

isa G3 degree of corrosion

30g shock and 5g oscillation

operate in dangerous areas of class 1, Division 2 and division 2 where the field line extends to Division 1 and division 1/0 domains

pac8000 controller can transfer HART protocol from smart zone equipment to computer to run equipment asset management software, allowing remote maintenance and calibration. HART protocol data and diagnosis can also be directly used in control applications, reducing debugging time, downtime and cost of maintenance process

The practicability of

application is improved, and redundant controllers and redundant controllers are placed in the same base plate. Redundant controllers operate in parallel, and check the state many times in the whole operation cycle, so that the backup controller can continuously monitor the state of the main controller, so as to ensure rapid and undisturbed switching when necessary. Redundant controllers are also capable of firmware upgrades

network redundancy helps to ensure the stability and consistency of communication. The controller has two high-speed Ethernet ports and uses fault-tolerant Ethernet redundant communication. Each port can be connected to an independent local area and its integrity is continuously monitored. If the main port detects a network failure, the traffic will be switched to other local areas to maintain smooth communication

pac8000 workbench includes engineering tools that can provide a comprehensive project development environment and modules, tools, and a complete set of diagnostic tools. This development environment focuses on the configuration of project engineering, including I/O (instrument index) and control strategy. Provide a comprehensive functional structure diagram library oriented to the requirements of advanced process control. It also supports all IEC programming languages (ladder logic diagram, structured text, instruction list, sequential function diagram and function structure diagram), plus flow chart support

Ryan concluded, "the release of PAC8000 controller provides more functions and flexibility for our existing innovative process solutions, and provides a powerful DCS system for the process industry."

about GE Fanuc intelligent platform

GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) of the United States and Fanuc of Japan, which provides high-tech enterprises. It provides users all over the world with hardware, software, technical services and embedded computers for automatic control. Its products can be used in various industrial fields including automation, process automation, national defense, automobile manufacturing, communication, medical treatment, aerospace and so on. GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a business unit of Ge enterprise solutions. For more information, please visit GE Fanuc's Chinese website: At that time, cn/

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