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Ge Jianghe, Secretary of the CPC Committee, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Packaging Federation, and Wang Li, Deputy Secretary General of the China Packaging Federation, accompanied by Zhu Xiaowei, executive vice president of the Hunan Packaging Federation, and Wen Xizhi, Secretary General of the Hunan Packaging Federation, visited Hunan to investigate the industrial situation of the packaging industry from August 9 to 10, 2012

Ge Huichang and his party came to Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., Hunan huawang honeycomb products Co., Ltd., Hunan packaging group company and other enterprises successively, and gave important guidance on the technological innovation of the packaging industry and the construction of the technology center of the enterprise, as well as how the packaging industry in Hunan will develop

at the production site of Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., GE's experimental results can be automatically saved, and the tensile index and tensile energy absorption index can be calculated. The president fully affirmed Liu Weicheng, chairman of Zhuzhou Sanxin, who dared to innovate and compete in technology. He seriously asked about the cost performance of the full servo high-precision printing slotting die-cutting machine produced by Zhuzhou Sanxin, and stressed that the development of the enterprise must continue to innovate in technology, At the same time, enterprises must go out and connect with the world in order to develop rapidly

in Changsha, chairman Ge Huichang and his party came to Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. when they learned that the equipment produced by Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery is a competitive product in the same industry, chairman Ge was particularly happy. He pointed out that in China's packaging industry, many enterprises are Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery, and Qianshan pharmaceutical machinery has reached more than 1200 intellectual property rights, and it is mainly based on invention, with more than 800 of chairman Liu Xianghua alone, It has won the national science and Technology Progress Award for many times, which is the pride of China's packaging industry

in the conference room of Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., chairman Ge and his delegation listened to the report of Hunan Packaging Federation and the representatives of various enterprises, and gave important instructions on the recent work of Hunan Packaging Federation and the idea of Hunan packaging industry taking technological innovation as the guide. Chairman Ge told everyone that Hunan Province, as an important province in Central China, has a glorious revolutionary tradition, and he hoped that in the packaging industry, Become the leader in Central China. He said that Hunan has advanced Qianshan pharmaceutical machines that benefit mankind, Jinpeng color printing in paper packaging green and anti-counterfeiting technology, Zhuzhou Sanxin in the world in printing equipment, Hunan huawang in honeycomb paperboard mature technology, and a large number of packaging enterprises. Hunan's packaging industry will become a new bright spot in the economic growth of China's packaging industry. He pointed out that Hunan packaging enterprises should continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and make good use of the industrial data backup of the country: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition policy. For real high-tech enterprises, the China Packaging Federation will see whether there are equipment with relatively large vibration amplitude around, and must provide good services to enterprises that vigorously support technological innovation, giving priority to solving the problems of honor and capital of high-tech enterprises

I hope that the packaging colleagues in Hunan will become a technological and innovative Hunan in the sound and rapid development, and become a model in the research, development, innovation and other aspects of the national packaging industry in the near future

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