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Time synchronization scheme of military command system

with people's increasing dependence on computer networks, almost all businesses are realized through computers. However, the time accuracy of the computer itself is not high, and the travel time is not accurate; Businesses that often rely on time cannot be completed normally. For example, military command system and dispatching system; Timestamp server in financial industry; Telecommunication management system, billing system, distributed database server; Railway dispatching system and so on all need local time synchronization

the network time server dnts-3 developed by zhongxinchuangke is an independent time server based on NTP protocol. At present, the network time server of zhongxinchuangke has served a large number of air force departments; General Logistics Department. The purpose of the small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently

the full name of NTP protocol is network time protocol. Its purpose is to transmit a unified and standard time on the interconnection of sol-gel in the international sol-gel process. The specific implementation scheme is to specify several clock source stations on the network to provide time service for users, and these stations should be able to compare with each other to improve accuracy

dnts-3 obtain standard clock signal information from GPS equipment (Global Positioning System) (GPS module adopts products of Trimble company of the United States, which has the characteristics of high reliability) and transmit these information in the network. Equipment requiring time signals in the network, such as computers, controllers and other equipment, can synchronize with the standard clock signal to realize the function of network timing. The standard clock information is transmitted through tcp/ip network. Dnts-3 supports a variety of popular time release protocols, such as NTP, time/udp, and supports the time broadcast packets defined by zhongxinchuangke with configurable UDP ports, so as to facilitate the connection of LED display electronic clocks and other displays. The port numbers of NTP and time/udp are fixed to 123 and 37 specified in rfc-123 and rfc-37 respectively. For client software, Windows client uses our special client software (win2k/nt can be installed without client software) UNIX, and Linux system uses NTP standard programs ntpq or xntpd to obtain time from DNTs and synchronize automatically. DNTs works in server state. Support ntp1.0, ntp2.0, ntp3.0. At the same time, it supports the encryption comparison mode of DES and MD5. If the encryption comparison mode is not adopted, DNTs can serve the time requests of thousands of computers at the same time

dnts-3 technical parameters:

· support agreement from a technical point of view: ARP, UDP, ip/tcp, Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, ntp

sntp, DHCP, TFTP,

· Ethernet rate 10m, protocol compatibility: Ethernet 2.0/ieee 802.3

· an RS232 port outputs standard time and position signals (NMEA 0183)

· 8-channel GPS receiver, star searching time less than 10 seconds

· built in clock, In case of GPS signal loss, the standard time signal can still be output

· the accuracy of network calibration is less than 10ms (depending on the network load

· can be used for win95/98/me/nt/2000, UNIX, Linux

· provide MD5 encryption verification, perfect SNMP tube function

· provide UDP broadcast protocol, which can be connected to the LED display of electronic clock

· power consumption: 220V

· environmental parameters: -40 ℃ to +85 ℃

· physical size: standard 19 "rack type 1U height

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