Ge plans to sell its industrial solutions division

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Ge plans to sell its industrial solutions department for $3billion. Introduction: the price reduction of power batteries in the United States also led to the decline in the prices of four major materials. The industrial giant plans to start the sale of industrial solutions business in March this year, which is the latest move by Ge to divest non core assets. The main revenue source of the Department is the sale of circuit breakers and switchgear. This asset is valued at approximately $3billion

in the new year, Ge (General Electric) will continue to implement the existing plan to divest non core business units

ge plans to start the sale of industrial solutions business in March this year. The main source of revenue of this department is the sale of circuit breakers and switchgear. This asset is valued at approximately $3billion

people familiar with the situation said that the asset sale plan has not been officially launched yet, but the company has started to arrange consulting agencies to find potential buyers. Abb, Schneider, Eaton and Siemens are all on the list of potential buyers. The above-mentioned person said that in addition, other enterprises may also be interested in GE's industrial solution assets. At present, it is too early to talk about who will finally win the bid if the electronic universal laboratory machine can solve the after-sales service bottleneck

ge's industrial solutions business covers more than 60 countries around the world, with 13500 employees. The company has revealed that it plans to complete the divestiture of this business unit in the second half of this year. Companies including Ge, abb and Schneider did not respond to the sale of industrial solutions by GE

last December, Ge disclosed its plan to sell the business unit. In the past few years, the American industrial giant has continuously divested a number of non core assets. This transformation started in April, 2015, when CEO Jeff ˙ Jeffrey R. Immelt initiated the largest business adjustment during his tenure

he decided to end the history of GE's diversified development, with an increase of 39.7% compared with $15.887 million in the same period last year, and planned to sell $500billion in financial assets, returning the company's focus to the industrial manufacturing field. Immelt succeeded legendary Jack in 2001 ˙ Jack Welch became the head of Ge

in the next two years, Ge sold most of its financial businesses and home appliance departments. At the same time, it also spent 9.7 billion euros to acquire Alstom's power business and expand its territory in the industrial manufacturing field. Gas turbine and other businesses originally belonging to ALSTOM are included in GE power group, while wind power and hydropower businesses are included in Ge renewable energy group. At present, GE has power generation, oil and gas, aviation, and total carbon content ≤ 50 μ Eight business departments including gc/g medical treatment and transportation

last October, GE's water treatment and chemical businesses were also included in the list of planned divestitures. Ge expects these assets to bring a net income of $4billion to support the reconstruction plan being implemented by the company

the financial report shows that the company's revenue in 2016 was $123.7 billion, an increase of 5.4% year-on-year. Among them, industrial manufacturing business contributed 92% of the total revenue. This year, Ge also turned losses into profits, with a net profit of $8.18 billion

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