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Brief introduction of NC technology transformation method of five axis linkage machining center

bmc-10b (5) five coordinate machining center is a foreign product in the mid-1980s. It is a machine tool introduced by our company from Australia Commonwealth Aviation Co., Ltd. in the 1990s. Due to long-term full load operation, the components of the original imported CNC system are aging and damaged, and the machine tool is paralyzed and cannot operate, which affects our company's foreign subcontracting processing and the production of a new national defense machine. In cooperation with the National Engineering Research Center for high-end numerical control, we have implemented the following numerical control technology transformation for bmc-10b (5)

blue sky high-end CNC system is used to replace the imported control system to realize seven axis servo control (x, y, Z, A1, A2, B, s) and five axis linkage control (x, y, Z, a, b)

using the integrated programming technology of numerical control system (siprom) to develop the logic software of machine tool auxiliary actions such as automatic tool change (ATC) and automatic exchange workbench (APC), so as to realize the random exchange of 60 knives and 1000mm of three station workbench × Any call of 1000mm tray

according to the process characteristics of bmc-10b (5), the technology is updated to realize the synchronous control of the system on the turning shaft (a-axis) of the workbench: the symmetrical gear transmission structure is adopted, and the double servo system (i.e. A1 axis and A2 axis) is accurately controlled by the test method AAMA 1503 ⑼ 8 for the heat transfer coefficient and anti condensation performance of the CNC synchronous fine door window curtain wall

because the three linear axis servo motors of X, y and Z are directly connected with the lead screw with stable operation, and the stroke is long (x stroke 1500mm, y stroke 1500mm, Z stroke 1250mm), the actual processing needs fast moving speed, high cutting load. Bds3 amplifier and Goldline AC servo motor of American Kollmorgen are selected to replace the original Yaskawa DC servo system. At the same time, Due to the high power of the main shaft (22K "we start from the basic principle of the copolymerization of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide, w), three-stage shift (4 ~ 4000R/min) , the spindle speed regulation system is retained

realize temperature compensation: realize temperature difference compensation between the main shaft and the column, ensuring the need for high-precision processing

the full stroke correction of the three linear axes x, y and Z is realized. The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the axes x, y and Z are in the micron level, and the accuracy of the machine tool is improved

the newly reconstructed bmc-10b (5) five coordinate machining center is a second-hand equipment, with a cost of 400000 US dollars, and the reconstruction fee is about 15% of the purchase price. The key components of the aircraft engine are worth hundreds of thousands of yuan each. Therefore, the ratio of the transformation investment to the value of the machine tool is very small, and the ratio to the production value of the machine tool is even smaller

bmc-10b (5) five coordinate machining center has been used for nearly two years after the successful transformation, which has revitalized the enterprise assets for our company and achieved good economic benefits. On the one hand, it has tapped the potential of the original machine tool, solved some technical problems, and improved the technical grade and competitiveness of the equipment; On the other hand, we have a deep understanding of modern numerical control technology, which makes the transformation achieve good economic and social benefits

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