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Introduction to the main production equipment of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

at present, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors are the main electrolytic capacitors in the weak current industry. The main functions of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are bypass, filtering, coupling, etc. they are used in high-definition TV, LCD, DVD, MP3 and other products, and the demand growth in recent years is quite strong. The market size reached 5billion US dollars in 2003

however, in the mainland of China, the design and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and equipment for material production lag far behind the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry. Most of the equipment used in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors still need to be imported. Some of the equipment produced in China mainly has many problems, such as low precision, low automation, poor reliability, easy wear and tear, etc

at present, the manufacturers of special production equipment for aluminum electrolytic capacitors mainly include JCEE in Japan and Shihong in Taiwan. The main manufacturers in China mainly include Shenzhen Huaguan Electronics Co., Ltd., Wuxi Wanhong Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd., Nantong Tianhe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and a few others. Most of the production equipment in active service in mainland China is imported or refitted after import

special production equipment for aluminum electrolytic capacitors mainly includes assembly machine, winding machine, nailing machine, braiding machine, etc. With the continuous development of equipment automation and integration, there are also combined machines, such as nailing and winding machine (also known as nailing and winding machine) and so on

below, the main equipment of JCEE and Shihong are selected for comparison of data indicators. All data sources are from the product introductions of the two manufacturers. Only select the similar series of products from the two manufacturers for listing

jcee mainly produces fto-2500a, fto-3000 and fto-3100 series assembly machines, and Shihong mainly produces SAA and SAH series assembly machines

parameter diameter mm size mm (w*d*h) speed (sec/pc)

fto-3100 1900*2100*2100 1.5

saa 1570*1640*1940

jcee mainly produces jwf-085t series winding machines, and Shihong mainly produces smk-a series winding machines

parameter speed (sec/pc) size mm (w*d*h) aluminum foil width mm aluminum foil length mm

jwf-085t 1.1 (40mm aluminum foil length) 2000*760*1650 2

SMK-A 4.. 5 (mm aluminum foil length) 700*1060*1220

jcee mainly produces jcs-240 series staplers, Shihong mainly produces spk-1200 series staplers

parameter size mm (w*d*h) aluminum foil width mm aluminum foil length mm speed (sec/pc)

jcs-240 1450*750*1350 2 0 (anode) (cathode) 1.2 (240mm aluminum foil length)

spk-1200 800*1230*1230 1 8 (mm aluminum foil length)

prolong service life

JCEE mainly produces cft-450e and cft-890e series taping machines, and Shihong mainly produces sy-300 series taping machines

parameter size mm (w*d*h) speed (sec/pc)

cft-890e 1880*1300*1350 1.2( Φ 12.5*26l)

SY-300 1400*2500*1800 120( Φ 10*l)

in addition, jcce also produces jcw-085t, hsw-880j, hsw-888j, hsw-160j, hsw-250j series nailing machines, Shihong produces spm-200 to assist customers in dealing with product technical problems, and spm-600 series nailing machines


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