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Miling communication helps Shanghai Nanxiang lianqin build an excellent customer service team

Abstract: Preface: 12345 as the first channel for citizens to communicate with Shanghai Nanxiang Town lianqin in the implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of new material industry in Shandong Province, miling communication helps Shanghai Nanxiang lianqin build an excellent customer service team, ● punch: DP φ 32 effectively handle comprehensive management and strengthen social governance

the social management work is complicated. How to answer the citizens in time and effectively deal with the comprehensive management work within the jurisdiction has been a problem that the joint logistics and urban standardized comprehensive management center of Nanxiang Town, Jiading District has been thinking about. At the same time, as a government functional organization, there are also strict requirements for the privacy of data storage to ensure security. In the face of these requirements, miling communication proposes the following solutions for Nanxiang lianqin

local deployment, secure storage of private data

for this joint service organization, miling communication recommends that the server be deployed locally, so that the data can be privately stored on the local server, and the isolated and encapsulated operating system is adopted, so that the data can be stored independently, so that the data can be privatized and the data security can be effectively guaranteed. This is also a construction method favored by many government agencies. It can not only do a good job in information confidentiality and security, but also realize flexible deployment, make better use of internal networks to connect with central points, realize calls with users, and provide good seat localization services. Moreover, the smartcall call call center system is built based on Alibaba cloud server. It supports both client-side and page side entries, has stable compatibility, and supports a variety of operation modes. It can not only ensure data security, but also ensure stability, which also provides a convenient and fast access for the organization, making office more efficient

recording quality inspection, real-time monitoring status

Nanxiang joint service is mainly responsible for the comprehensive management of the cities under its jurisdiction, and is responsible for handling the networking management, 12345 and other matters transferred and assigned by the relevant departments of the district. Many works are communicated through, including the communication between citizens and colleagues, so in this cooperation, the retention of call recordings and recording quality inspection of seats are the top priority

in the smartcall system, every call of customer service will be automatically recorded and saved in the local server. The agent status monitoring function can help managers monitor agents in real time, monitor and forcibly dismantle ongoing calls, and check the call status of customer service in real time. The agent's recording quality inspection is a function that the organization pays more attention to. For the call recording and quality inspection of the seats, the management personnel, the horizontal tension testing machine of hook and loop lock of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd., is mainly used for the static tensile performance test of materials and parts. You can check the service attitude of the customer service personnel by playing or downloading the recording files directly, sampling and testing the customer service personnel according to the corresponding monitoring and quality inspection standards, and performing quality inspection and Analysis on the target recording files, In order to improve the service level and effectively improve the service quality of government agencies, we can more effectively implement the standardized system of joint service standardization

this time, it is also another important cooperation between miling communication and government agencies. Through this solution, Shanghai Nanxiang lianqin has achieved real intelligent communication in terms of service, and also significantly improved the progress and efficiency of customer service. The comprehensive management work of Nanxiang lianqin will continue to be carried out effectively and smoothly

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