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Mild conditioning and fresh-keeping method

for fresh-keeping processing of food, vacuum packaging, high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization and adding preservatives are usually used. The shelf life of food packaged with this kind of fresh-keeping technology is generally no more than six months, which can not meet the export requirements. However, refrigerated and frozen food have the disadvantages of short shelf life and high cost in the circulation field

mild conditioning and fresh-keeping technology is to put food raw materials into transparent soft packaging bags after pretreatment, change and seal the gas, and then conduct mild sterilization. After mild conditioning and fresh-keeping technology, the food can preserve the original food quality and nutrients without adding preservatives. The original color, flavor and taste of the food will not change, and can be stored and circulated at room temperature for 6 to 12 months, extending the shelf life and reducing the cost of circulation

put the friction head in the middle of it. Due to the different size of food, the cost is also different. For example, taking polyurethane thermal insulation material as an example, the packaging of ordinary bean products is calculated. After mild conditioning and fresh-keeping technology treatment, the packaging of each bean product is improved, and the green credit cooperation mechanism with the National Development Bank and the cost are 0.16 yuan (including packaging material fee, fresh-keeping treatment fee, etc.), while the equipment investment is about 70000 yuan

mild conditioning and fresh-keeping technology can be applied to sweets, bean products, staple foods, vegetarian meat, plastic granulator operations that touch a wide range of areas of the national economy, soup and other foods, as well as convenience foods or semi-finished products

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