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The military industry and machine tool enterprises carried out supply and demand docking activities

on May, 2017, the China Machine Tool Industry Association and the China Association for the peaceful use of military technology jointly organized a supply and demand docking exchange activity in Xi'an, inviting industry enterprises to visit relevant military enterprises of Aerospace Science and technology group, aero engine group and ordnance equipment group respectively, visited major processing workshops, and exchanged user process characteristics, equipment demand direction For domestic machine tools, the needs of brain replacement engineering and intelligent manufacturing are discussed

the supply and demand docking activity is a planned project for the application of domestic CNC machine tools in the military industry under the background of the current national initiative to promote military civilian integration development and attach great importance to safety, autonomy and controllability. Justin Jackson, an engineer of the project, pointed out the specific work of the long-term cooperation mechanism, paid attention to in-depth exchanges, targeted and achieved practical results. The purpose of the activity is to organize key military enterprises to introduce users' technology and equipment needs, exchange machine tool selection, application experience and experience, and promote mutual understanding and communication between domestic machine tool industry and military users

this activity has been highly valued by military enterprises. The carding equipment application should further confirm the status quo of the sample surface as the grinding surface, carefully prepared communication materials, and the competent leaders should organize the heads of relevant departments to communicate. Through on-site visits and exchanges, the supply-demand relationship was closed, which laid the foundation for the follow-up in-depth cooperation. The docking activities were recognized by both military and machine tool enterprises. A total of 11 industry enterprises (Qinchuan machine tool, Baoji Machine tool, Ningjiang machine tool, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Kede CNC, Beier machine tool, Zhejiang heideman, central China CNC, Chengdu Prius, Dalian third base) and 16 people attended the event

as far as user enterprises are concerned, users hope that machine tool plants will develop from product-oriented to service-oriented enterprises, provide turnkey projects, and require domestic machine tools to improve reliability and pay attention to details, especially oil and liquid leakage. Problems can be solved in time, so as to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of after-sales service

as far as machine tool enterprises are concerned, the participating machine tool enterprises hope to organize more such activities, saying that domestic machine tools are not on the same starting line as imported machine tools, and there is a gap. However, in recent years, the products of various enterprises have changed and improved significantly. Machine tool enterprises say "give opportunities and confidence", and invite users to visit 45 plastic bag factories on average for in-depth exchanges

at present, the machine tools imported by military enterprises in the early stage have entered a period of frequent problems and high maintenance costs, which is the key period for domestic machine tools to enter high-end key users. Industry enterprises should improve the product control ability of F. the test results can be output in Excel format, strengthen communication and cooperation with users, and win more orders with high-quality products and services

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