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Miling communications smartcall cloud call center financial special edition

the initial stage of the financial industry call center is as a window for banks to accept customer inquiries and complaints, and its business function is relatively simple. With the increasing pace of financial industry reform, P2P and other new financial industries have sprung up, and the function of call center has also been transformed from traditional service function to transaction function and marketing function. Shanghai miling Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously explored and innovated in the financial industry, and launched smartcall financial special edition call center solution

the call center of the financial industry, due to the high-end nature of the industry and the complexity of the business, determines the high requirements for the technical platform:

high stability in the case of large capacity and high concurrency

smooth expansion ability to adapt to business changes and development

multi media. Therefore, whether it is the formulation of national standards, the unified access and management ability of the Department channel

customized development ability based on unified interfaces and data

it delivery Localization guarantee ability of project implementation, customized development and after-sales service

according to these hard requirements, Shanghai miling Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the financial special edition of smartcall call call center based on its rich experience in call center R & D and operation. On top of the comprehensive functions of smartcall, the financial special edition adds features such as investment advisor, intelligent quality inspection, cloud customer service, live broadcast, etc. for the characteristics of financial enterprises

first, the financial special edition has all the functions of smartcall cloud call center

1. IVR automatic voice navigation

after setting up the recording node in the background of the system, the administrator only needs to upload the recorded recording files. These three configurations are basic configurations, and selecting the corresponding recording files at different nodes can realize the personalized IVR voice response system

2. Automatic call distribution function

after the customer listens to IVR voice and makes corresponding actions (keys), smartcall provides a variety of ACD access methods:

2.1 Connect to another IVR node

2.2. Direct access to designated seats

2.3. Access queue: through the background of smartcall, the incoming calls can be queued and managed according to the needs of customers. The queue configuration is carried out through the following rules to facilitate customers to reasonably arrange seats. The specific rules are mainly as follows:

1) all calls

2) the most idle seats

3) call in turn

4) call in sequence

5) minimum call seats we believe Neo is the solution seat

6) minimum call seats

2.4 Customized strategy

3. Recording quality inspection

quality inspectors can conduct random sampling inspection by taking call time, customer satisfaction, etc. as parameters. The quality inspector makes a call summary of this quality inspection through the background, and notes the quality inspector and quality inspection time. The quality inspector deeply excavates the causes of the problems through the analysis of recording and quality inspection results, and finally puts forward reasonable and feasible suggestions

4. Call pop-up screen

when the agent answers the customer's call, the system will pop up the business acceptance page to display the customer information, contact records and related scripts, so as to make the communication more orderly

5. Call recording

smartcall Financial Special Edition provides automatic recording function for incoming and outgoing calls, and can also backup, download, playback and so on. This function effectively helps salespeople analyze their conversations with customers, timely find problems and seek team solutions, and quickly improve their communication skills. And this system will compress the recording of the day into MP3 in the early morning, reducing it to 1/10 of the original, greatly reducing the storage space, and providing a basis for financial companies to better retain data

6. The perfect combination of powerful and rich CRM system

and CRM system is a major advantage of smartcall. A perfect CRM system can complement the call center system. So that the seat staff does not need to switch back and forth between the two systems

smartcall cloud call center financial CRM system has the following characteristics:

6.1 Scientific data management: according to different sales formats, set up customer divisions that meet different sales habits. Here you can also manage all customer information of your team

6.2. Fair data distribution: the new multi high seas pool distribution method can ensure the fair distribution of sales leads, prevent sales from hitting orders, and ensure that important customer resources of enterprises are not wasted in recent years

6.3. Accurate sales funnel: timely grasp the proportion of customer resources from the potential customer stage to the intended customer stage, negotiation stage and transaction stage, and abandon complex instructions, which is more intuitive and concise

6.4. Accurate daily management: manage the travel plan of members through efficient calendar function, facilitate work arrangement, and display important events and project milestones within the enterprise

6.5. Simple project management: the agent can easily modify the activity information, and the time, place, content and attachments can be in one interface. At the same time, it can also convey the activities to the designated personnel and perfectly solve the problem of collaborative office

7. Knowledge database management

in the knowledge data warehouse, agents can share their own voice at will. Right click the mouse and select shared voice file to upload their own voice file to the knowledge database to share with other agents. At the same time, other information can also be shared in the knowledge database area. This function is also used for some new customer service personnel. Because they are not very familiar with professional knowledge, they can find a unified standard solution according to the problems raised by customers through the knowledge base

8. It is convenient and flexible to adjust.

the number of seats of smartcall can be expanded or reduced. Enterprises can easily increase or decrease the number of seats according to their own business development

9. Powerful background management

through background management, you can set the functional rules of the whole call center system as needed, and master customer data in real time to generate corresponding reports

10. Real time agent monitoring

help enterprises monitor the agent status in real time, and take monitoring, whispering, three-party, forced demolition and other operations for ongoing calls to ensure the real-time business management

11. KPI assessment

customers can comprehensively assess the recording of staff through parameters such as access number, connection number, connection rate, processing time, customer satisfaction, and produce real-time statistical reports to provide scientific data for superior supervisors to better manage subordinates

II. Features of the financial special edition of smartcall call call center:

1. Intelligent quality inspection

financial enterprises face a large number of customer inquiries every day, and the workload of quality inspection of recordings is huge. Smartcall has powerful TTS technology, so the intelligent quality inspection function can accurately convert the recording into text. The quality inspectors only need to enter the keywords that need to be evaluated for search. The system can automatically screen the recording content related to the keywords, which can greatly reduce human labor and save the time of quality inspectors

2. Cloud customer service

cloud customer service has great advantages over traditional customer service. Users can contact customer service through pages, apps, microblogs and other channels. It expands the working mode for traditional customer service. Because customers can leave messages and submit work orders offline, cloud customer service also has the advantage of not losing messages and not falling offline

smartcall financial special edition cloud customer service system has the functions of input prediction, knowledge base, customer information aggregation, etc. Double the efficiency of customer service

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