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Milk protein temperature regulating fiber can be made into "Cashmere temperature regulating shirt"

on January 14, at the national science and technology award conference held in Beijing, "what are the uses and functional characteristics of high temperature resistant phase change material microcapsules and high heat storage anchorage fatigue testing machine? 1. Let's see the following introduction of heat storage temperature regulating fiber and its preparation technology" project, which won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award. It was jointly completed by Tianjin University of technology, Tsinghua University, Shandong Hailong Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xuelian cashmere Co., Ltd

after adding pads, Miao Xiaoguang, a senior engineer of Beijing Xuelian cashmere Co., Ltd., made a major contribution to the research and development of protein temperature regulating fiber and its preparation technology in the project of "high temperature resistant phase change material microcapsules, high heat storage temperature regulating fiber and its preparation technology". The fiber fabric developed through this technology can absorb, store, redistribute and release heat, and can automatically adjust when the ambient temperature is different, so that the temperature in the clothes is in a more comfortable range

"it is common sense that cashmere and wool will heat up when encountering water. However, this moisture absorption and heat release is one-off and cannot be repeated. Therefore, cashmere and wool have good heat preservation function that can reduce the cost, but there is no function of adjusting the temperature." Miao Xiaoguang said. This technology is to add phase change materials into milk protein spinneret to make milk protein temperature regulating fiber, and then use this fiber to mix with cashmere to make "Cashmere temperature regulating shirt". Although the initial purpose is to make cashmere products have the function of temperature regulation, the milk protein fiber studied by Miao Xiaoguang can be blended with many fibers, including wool, camel hair, cotton and other fibers at a proportion of 40%. China has invested a lot of energy in the research of new material technology, and can get fabrics with good hand feel and temperature regulation function. Even after high-temperature dyeing, steaming, high-pressure sizing and soaping, the product will not change much in function. This also provides sufficient conditions for downstream customers to develop high-end new functional fabrics

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