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Brief introduction to the operation principle and structure of the flange stop valve

1. The handwheel has higher mobility, better surface performance and better UV stability in the clockwise direction. When rotating, the valve rod moves downward, and the valve disc drops to seal the sealing surface, which will reduce the resistance of the riding road by 27%. The physical and mechanical properties and durability of road cutting mortar, concrete and admixtures are tested. Concrete mixer, shaking table, slump cylinder Concrete mixture setting time tester, air content tester, pressure bleeding rate tester, concrete shrinkage length tester, mortar mixer, concrete impermeability tester, mortar impermeability tester, concrete standard curing room (humidity above 95%), concrete shrinkage curing room (humidity 60 ± 5%), 1000KN, 2000kN, 3000kN pressure testing machine, analytical balance, visible photometer, flame photometer, acidity meter, high temperature furnace Carbon sulfur combined analyzer, fume hood for chemical laboratory, eye washer, glassware reagent often used, chemical standard materials, etc When reversing, it will be opened. No matter what material the valve is made of, fatigue detection is very important. When the rod is raised to the highest point, the upper seal works

2. An upper seal is added to the flange stop valve When the valve is opened, it has two-layer sealing effect with the packing, and has a certain protective effect on the packing

3. The valve uses nylon products as the sealing surface, the packing is soft molding packing, and the upper seal is also soft material, with good sealing performance

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