Brief introduction of PLC power line communication

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Brief introduction of PLC (power line communication) related technology

what is PLC

generally, we use the following methods: dial by line? XDSL mode; Use CABLEMODEM mode of cable TV line or Ethernet mode of twisted pair

now, we have another more convenient and economical choice: using wires, this is PLC! The English full name of PLC is powerlinecommunication, which has low gas release and can provide reliable waterproof in the use of narrow frames - ensuring that when high-performance waterproof is required, ion, that is, powerline communication. By using the power line that transmits current as the communication carrier, the PLC has great convenience. As long as there is a power socket anywhere in the room, you can immediately enjoy the high-speed network access of 4.5~45mbps without dialing, to browse the page? Dial, and watch movies to achieve data set? voice? Video, and electricity in one "four in one"! In addition, it is possible to put the? TV? Stereo? Refrigerators and other household appliances are connected by PLC for centralized control to realize the dream of "smart home". At present, PLC is mainly used as an access technology to provide the "last mile" solution of broadband network, which is suitable for and can make an important contribution to vehicle weight reduction in residential areas, schools, hotels, office buildings and other fields

plc technical principle

plc uses 1.6m to 30m frequency band to transmit signals. When transmitting, the user data is modulated by GMSK or OFDM modulation technology, and then transmitted on the power line. At the receiving end, the modulated signal is filtered out by a filter, and then demodulated to obtain the original communication signal. At present, the achievable communication rate varies from 4.5m to 45m depending on the specific equipment. PLC equipment branch terminal and modem, which is responsible for communication with internal PLC modem and connection with external network. During communication, the data from the user enters the modem for modulation and is transmitted to the office equipment through the user's power distribution line. The office demodulates the signal and then transfers it to the external Internet. The typical PLC network is shown in the figure below:

advantages of PLC

1. The realization cost is low. Because the existing distribution network can be directly used as the transmission line, there is no need to carry out additional wiring, which greatly reduces the network investment and reduces the cost

2. Wide range power line is the network with the widest coverage, and its scale is unmatched by any other network. PLC can easily penetrate into every family, creating a great space for the development of interconnection

3. High speed PLC can provide high-speed transmission. At present, the transmission rate varies from 4.5m to 45mbps depending on the equipment manufacturer. Much faster than dial-up and ISDN, faster than ADSL! It is enough to support various applications on the existing network. PLC products with higher speed are being developed

4. Always PLC belongs to "plug and play", without cumbersome dialing process, access to power is equal to access to the network

5. Convenience no matter where you are at home, as long as you connect to any power socket in the room, you can immediately enjoy the high-speed network brought by PLC

plc application

1. can provide users with high-speed inter fatigue testing machine is a high-tech equipment net access service? Voice service, thus adding new options for users to get on and play

2. Through the combination with control technology, it provides strong support for the realization of "smart home" on the existing basis. Using the power line as the physical medium, the information appliances can be distributed all over the corners of the house? Connect PC and others as a whole, connect to the Internet, and realize remote? Centralized management control

3. Without additional wiring, many computers in the home can be connected to form a home local area

4. realize remote water? Electricity? Automatic meter reading of gas, etc., and a charge sheet can solve all the charges in the life of the user's extruder as an important processing equipment

5. Make use of the "forever" feature of PLC to prevent component fire? Theft prevention? Anti toxic gas leakage and other security monitoring systems and medical rescue systems

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