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Milk packaging: safe packaging performance is conducive to the development of lightweight automotive products by car manufacturers. Perspective (Part 2)

surface wetting tension

as polyethylene is a non-polar polymer material, China Polyurethane Industry Association and 11 leading enterprises in the polyurethane insulation industry issued a self-discipline proposal. The molecular structure does not contain polar groups, and the crystallinity is high, the surface free energy is low, and the surface tension is small, The adhesion to ink is not ideal, and the printability is poor. In addition, the continuous migration and precipitation of processing aids (low molecular substances such as smooth agents and opening agents) in the film to the surface will also affect the printing fastness of the ink. Therefore, before printing, it is generally necessary to corona treat the plastic film, change the chemical structure of the film surface, improve the surface tension of the film, and improve the adhesion of ink. It is generally required that the surface tension of polyethylene film should reach above 80%. In addition, on the automatic filling equipment, when the packaging materials are soaked or sprayed with hydrogen peroxide and extruded by the film feeding roller, if the printing fastness is not enough, the patterns are easy to fall off, wear or blister with hydrogen peroxide

barrier performance

packaging materials are required to have the functions of oxygen resistance, light resistance, moisture resistance, fragrance preservation and odor prevention. Barrier materials should be selected according to different contents, shelf life, production equipment, storage conditions, etc. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that bacteria, dust, gas, light, water, etc. in the external environment cannot enter the packaging bag; On the other hand, it is required that the packaging material itself has good stability, does not absorb odor, and small molecules are difficult to migrate; There is also to ensure that the moisture, oil, aromatic components and components essential to product quality contained in milk do not penetrate outward, so as to achieve the purpose of packaging food without deterioration

requirements for ink performance

milk packaging film is usually printed by surface printing. In addition to the general technical requirements of surface printing ink, such as adhesion, wear resistance and scratch resistance, as a liquid milk packaging, it must be able to withstand pasteurization or hydrogen peroxide sterilization and boiling treatment requirements. It is required that the ink must also have oxidation resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and freezing resistance, so as to ensure the production, circulation During transportation, storage and other links, ink will not fall off, flower, condensation and other phenomena

stability under high temperature

the stability of packaging bags directly affects the safety of dairy products. Enterprises of tensile testing machines should not only become partners with instrument and equipment enterprises for safety and hygiene. Due to packaging materials, formulas, structures, processing aids, production processes, environmental conditions and other reasons, the decomposition, migration, adsorption and even chemical reaction of the active ingredients in the packaging bag with the contents, which will affect the quality of dairy products, such as peculiar smell, loss of milk flavor, stratification, changes in tissue structure and so on, and even cause human side effects in serious cases; Or the packaging bag is soaked in water or milk at a certain temperature, causing delamination, shrinkage, discoloration, adhesion and other phenomena. Special attention should be paid to high temperature and long-term storage in summer


with the increasing growth of China's economy and the rapid development of high-tech, the competition in the dairy industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Today's society is a society that pays attention to quality and technology, as well as safety and health. Guangming dairy not only brings safe, fresh and nutritious products to consumers, but also pays more attention to safe, hygienic and environmental friendly packaging materials. Therefore, the author believes that:

1 update the food hygiene standards of raw materials, processing aids and molded products as soon as possible. Operation needs are extremely great. Most food hygiene standards were issued and implemented in 1988, and many scope of application, physical and chemical indicators, testing items and so on do not meet the needs of industry development

2 carry out the compatibility test between food contents and packaging materials as soon as possible. The State Pharmaceutical Administration has standards for the compatibility test between drug packaging materials and drugs, but there is no corresponding national or industrial standard for food. The existing gb/t16265 packaging material test method for compatibility was issued in 1996 and is not applicable to milk plastic bag packaging. Food, especially liquid milk, is prone to the mutual migration or adsorption of packaging materials and milk, resulting in the peculiar smell and deterioration of milk. However, there is no unified standard for the detection of milk odor

3 enforce the detection of solvent residues in printing inks and composite adhesives; Specify the residual detection of monomer or other volatile gas impurities in polymer molding products; Specify the detection of soluble toxic impurities in printing ink

4 promulgate the national standard of composite film and bag for milk powder packaging as soon as possible

5 implement the safety and environmental protection market access system for food packaging materials, and strengthen the safety and environmental protection monitoring and management of production enterprises

with the implementation of the market access system for food quality and safety, the market access system for the safety and environmental protection of food packaging materials should also be put on the agenda. The quality and safety of food packaging materials are closely related to the quality and safety of food, the safety and health of consumers and the safety and environmental protection of the ecological environment. It is hoped that packaging production enterprises and food production enterprises will work together to develop waste free, harmless and non-toxic processes, actively promote cleaner production and promote green packaging

source: Global flexible packaging industry

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