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With the rapid development of network informatization and the construction of computer room, the operation status of air conditioning, power supply and other equipment as the basic guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the computer room, as well as the safety status of the computer room environment, have become increasingly prominent. Since many important computer rooms operate 24 hours a day, and it is difficult for managers to ensure that the situation of the computer room is monitored at all times, it is very necessary to realize 24-hour continuous monitoring through technical means. Through the integration of communication and software, the computer room environmental power monitoring system can realize the centralized monitoring of the computer room environment and UPS, computer room air conditioner, generator and other equipment, and collect the alarm information in real time and send it to the relevant management personnel

the monitoring object of the environmental power monitoring of the computer room is the auxiliary equipment of the computer room. At present, the operation of servers, networks, etc. is generally not included in the monitoring scope (professional software can realize the monitoring of servers and networks)

the machine room environmental power monitoring system is composed of on-site sensors and detection equipment, communication equipment, upper computer and software. The upper computer and software are at the core. The whole system is PC based (PG based) control structure. The characteristics of the environmental power monitoring of the computer room are mainly monitoring, and the collected data need to be processed, such as statements, various alarms, printing, data recording, etc. Therefore, one of the core functions of monitoring software is to collect data

functions of the centralized monitoring and management system for the power environment and images of the computer room:

(I) centralized real-time monitoring function

the real-time monitoring system collects the operating parameters of the currently monitored equipment through the communication acquisition equipment and displays them on the monitoring computer screen in real time, eliminating the trouble of users to view data in front of different equipment

(II) alarm and event function

alarm refers to abnormal conditions in the operation of the computer room, such as power failure accident, water leakage accident, etc. The occurrence of the alarm means that the operation of the machine room is affected, and the alarm in the room can be divided into different levels. After the alarm occurs, the system shall record the alarm event and promptly notify the personnel on duty or management personnel for handling

after the alarm occurs, it is generally handled according to the following steps:

(1) notification. The first thing is to inform the relevant personnel of the alarm information

(2) confirm. Indicates that the alarm has been known and is being processed. But at this time, the alarm still exists and does not disappear

(3) elimination. After treatment, the fault disappears, the equipment returns to normal, and the alarm also disappears

alarm notification mainly adopts the following modes:

1 The screen display alarm

informs the user by displaying eye-catching patterns and words on the monitor computer screen

2. Local voice alarm

when the alarm occurs, the monitoring system automatically plays the alarm voice through the speaker and transmits the alarm message to the on-site personnel

3. Dial alarm

when an alarm occurs, the monitoring system automatically passes through, dials the preset number of the system, and the other party will automatically play the alarm voice after answering, and pass the alarm message to the relevant personnel

alarm can be realized by two devices: voice modem and voice card

4. SMS alarm

with the rapid development of communication industry and SMS business, sending alarm information through SMS has become an effective means

5. E-mail alarm

send the alarm information to individuals in the form of e-mail through the network

(III) operation historical data recording and trend function

the historical data and trend function mainly realizes the long-term recording of the key parameters of the machine room operation, and carries out some statistical analysis by calling and viewing the historical trend chart

(IV) user management function

user management is mainly to manage the permissions of users of the monitoring system to avoid unauthorized personnel from modifying parameter settings or viewing at will. Authorization requires hierarchical control, and users at different levels can only perform operations allowed at their own level

(V) planning function

through the event schedule, regularly perform some operations, such as backup of system data, regular light off after work, etc. This function is on the machine, but with the continuous improvement of the computer room monitoring system, it can meet the needs of users who are more bulky on this tensile machine

(VI) report function

data report is an indispensable part of the industrial control system and the final embodiment of data display, query, analysis, statistics and printing. Generally, there are real-time data report and historical data report (shift report, report, monthly report, etc.). Users print out the content they are interested in through the filter option of the report, which is convenient for analysis and archiving

(VII) remote management function

remote management mainly refers to the use of the current increasingly perfect network resources, so that operators are no longer limited to the operation next to the monitoring host, but can control the system in other places. Through the network, the monitoring system can be centrally monitored in the province, and there is no need to set up special personnel in the prefecture and city. When there is a problem in the operation, through the previous various alarm notification modes, the province and the city can get the message, so that the problem can be solved quickly

(VIII) operation setting and control function

in addition to the main monitoring function, the system should also have control ability. In most machine rooms, the control objects are mainly non power equipment, such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and other systems. Due to the high reliability requirements of power supply equipment, the machine room may be paralyzed due to misoperation during control operations (such as on/off), so control is not carried out, but only monitoring is carried out

the monitoring objects of the computer room power environment and image centralized monitoring and management system are:

although there are many monitoring objects, the signal types are only divided into three categories: switching value signal, analog value signal and intelligent device signal, but the specific signal types need to be determined according to the specific equipment

s power supply (including DC power supply)

ups power supply and DC power supply are equipped with batteries, which can improve the quality of power supply and ensure the continuous power supply after power failure. Through the communication protocol and intelligent communication interface provided by the ups manufacturer, the UPS is monitored, and the operation status of UPS internal rectifier, inverter, battery, bypass, load and other components is monitored in real time. Once any component fails, the system will automatically alarm

the monitoring mode of ups in the computer room environment is only monitoring and no control, so as to avoid the risk of power failure caused by the error of the monitoring system

2. Battery

in a UPS system, it can be said that the battery is the pillar of the system. Timely and reliable patrol inspection of the battery pack is of great significance for maintaining the normal operation of the load equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the ups battery through the battery monitor, DC current sensor and other equipment

3. One of the characteristics of the air conditioning equipment

machine room is that it has dense equipment and high calorific value. Therefore, air conditioning plays a decisive role in controlling the temperature and humidity of the machine room. Through real-time monitoring, it can comprehensively diagnose the operation status of the air conditioner, monitor the operation status and parameters of various components of the air conditioner (such as compressors, fans, new national standards, relevant normative requirements and limiting indicators based on risk assessment, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, filters, etc.), and remotely modify the setting parameters of the air conditioner (temperature, humidity, upper and lower limits of temperature, upper and lower limits of humidity, etc.) through the management software, And restart the precision air conditioner. Even if there is a minor fault in the air conditioning unit, it can also be detected by the system, and measures can be taken in time to prevent further damage to the air conditioning unit

4. Water leakage detection

water leakage detection system is divided into positioning and non positioning. The so-called positioning type refers to the leakage detection system that can accurately report the specific leakage location. On the contrary, the non positioning system can only report the discovery of water leakage, but cannot indicate the location. The system consists of sensors and controllers. The controller monitors the status of the sensor, and immediately uploads the information to the monitoring PC in case of water condition. Leak detection sensors are divided into wired detection and surface detection. Wire detection is mainly used in the machine room. The line detection uses a leak detection rope to surround the flooded part. After the water leakage occurs, the water contacts the detection line and gives an alarm

5. Distribution system

distribution system monitoring is mainly to monitor the operation status of the distribution cabinet, mainly to monitor the three-phase phase voltage, phase current, line voltage, line current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor and other parameters of the distribution system and the status monitoring of the distribution switch. When some important parameters exceed the danger limit, the alarm will be given

6. The generator

is monitored through serial port communication, which requires the serial port communication protocol of the generator

7. The temperature and humidity of the machine room

in each important position of the machine room, it is necessary to install a temperature and humidity detection module to record the temperature and humidity curve for managers to query. Once the temperature and humidity exceed the range, immediately start the alarm to remind the management personnel to timely adjust the working setting value of the air conditioner or adjust the equipment distribution in the machine room, which may make the overall temperature and humidity of the machine room tend to be reasonable and ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine room equipment

8. Monitoring of fresh air system and exhaust system

monitor the operation condition of the fan, and alarm in time when the fan fails

9. The lightning protection system

realizes the real-time monitoring of the working condition of the lightning protection module through the switching value acquisition module. Generally, there are only two monitoring states: on and off

10. Fire protection system

the monitoring of the fire protection system is mainly the collection of fire alarm signals and gas spraying signals, and the fire protection system is not controlled

11. Video monitoring

the digital video monitoring system adopts MPEG4 video compression mode, which integrates multi picture viewing, video playback, video remote transmission, trigger alarm, PTZ control and equipment linkage. In the video system components, the video real-time window, video playback window, remote receiving window and ball machine (PTZ) control window are seamlessly embedded as controls to meet different personalized needs

the video system can also be linked with other input signals. Once the video alarms, it can be linked with other devices at the same time, such as dual detector probe, door magnet or the "mobile alarm" function supported by its own equipment to record and output the corresponding control signal

12. Access control

an access control system is installed at an important position in the computer room area to effectively monitor and manage access personnel. For security reasons, the access control system is designed with a structure that separates control from card reading

the access control system is composed of controller, inductive card reader, electric lock and door opening button (contact system plus communication converter). Card reading mode belongs to non-contact card reading mode

13. Network device and application system monitoring

the host of the monitoring system establishes communication links with routers, servers, minicomputers, etc. through the network, and directly obtains various information from these network devices. The communication process adopts the internationally common simple network management protocol (SNMP)

at present, there are four common network structures for the communication network of environmental power monitoring in the computer room: serial port and 485 bus, field bus, Ethernet and hybrid group

the dynamic environment of the computer room and the characteristics of the image centralized monitoring and management system remain unchanged. Details:

Openness: ensure that the system can be compatible with more acquisition devices and can exchange data with more application software. Especially for the support of mainstream databases, without the support of databases, the functions of monitoring software will be greatly reduced

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