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Miling communication: improve the visibility value of call center

the concept of call center should not be very strange. Many enterprises have begun to use call centers to improve work efficiency and sales performance. For enterprises, call center has a variety of values and meanings. In this communication era, as a major customer contact center, its powerful capabilities bring strong help and support to its functions. In a sense, the call center system has the potential to contribute value in three aspects: improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and business unit value contribution (strategic value)

when enterprises use the call center system, it is huge in many aspects, and the visibility value of the call center is also diversified. Generally speaking, when using the call center for the enterprise as a whole, it will bring the following visibility value:

1 Improve customer satisfaction

help the operation department or manufacturing unit point out and repair quality problems, deal with after-sales work orders in the call center at the first time, and help customers solve the problem of cumulative sales of more than 1million vehicles, so as to improve customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rate, reduce the cost expenditure caused by warranty and maintenance, and prevent unnecessary calls that may bring new materials to the call center and really bring new changes

2. Reduce enterprise costs

help the marketing department formulate more effective market promotion activities. For example, better understanding the needs and expectations of customers and ensuring the targeted customers of marketing activities can improve the response rate, reduce relevant market costs, and even help enterprises further improve market share

3. Early warning risk issues

as an early warning system of potential legal litigation risks. We can cite many examples, such as product defects, adverse reactions of food or drugs, security loopholes in enterprise stations, ambiguity of warranty terms or customer invoices, etc. The call center is often the first to get these relevant information. Keeping a good and close cooperative relationship with other departments of the enterprise is the premise to solve such problems as quickly and efficiently as possible

4. Looking for customer needs

help the R & D department understand the customer needs and the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise in the direction of jing10 West Road/Beijing Fuzhou Expressway. In many ways, customer focus groups, market research, and traditional extensive questionnaires are not as important as the information obtained by the call center through communication with thousands of potential or existing customers. Including the input and storage of customer data, customer details and product details. The provision of these information can help enterprises provide better products and services for more accurate target customers, and once the fuel runs out, the materials will decompose by themselves, which will have a positive impact on the cost, revenue, market share, and even the reputation and brand of the enterprise

5. Improve work efficiency

many enterprises expand user channels by establishing call centers, use incoming and outgoing records to establish user behavior databases, optimize and integrate different user needs, and implement targeted appeals, so as to improve the work efficiency of marketing personnel, bring great convenience to enterprises, and promote the work efficiency of enterprises

call center has become a bridge between enterprises and users. A well functioning call center can bring perfect and excellent services to customers, stimulate customers to cooperate with enterprises, and get the best customer experience and the best return on investment. Miling communication pays attention to user experience. It always designs products to be simple and easy-to-use based on customer needs, and strives to provide users with services beyond expectations. It takes user satisfaction as the standard, and establishes a simple and easy-to-use, fully functional call center system based on user experience

in a word, when the call center focuses on the macro meaning of quality and innovation, it will have a positive impact on the overall workload, production efficiency and quality of the enterprise

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