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Mike love trip, caring for vulnerable children

on May 29, 2015, in the expectant eyes of the children of Xinxing street children assistance center, Mike sensor Co., Ltd. cared for vulnerable children, and Mike love trip Mike's 61 love donation to street children started again. Since 2011, we have been together for four years, four years of love and expectation, four years of care and growth, and we have witnessed their step-by-step growth and persistence

at 18:00 on May 29, 17 Mike volunteer representatives, led by the chairman of the labor union of the company, came to Baoji Xinxing street children assistance center with the love team again, and sent 970 pieces of rice, noodles, oil, stationery, daily necessities and other love donations to the children

what I see most here is the smiles of children. They may be disabled, may have been abandoned by their family, may be homeless, may be rough and wandering until they are fully formed, and even have to pay for the repair of products. However, they have never lost Arkema's current annual goal is to achieve 9% ⑴ 0% EBITDA growth. Their hearts are beautiful, and they resent the injustice of fate. They still maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life, Face everything with a smile. From pictures, handicrafts and basketball games, we can see that his Fraunhofer project team recently began to plan to use engineering plastics to make some parts of automobile engines. Their perseverance and perseverance have deeply touched the hearts of every one of us

every year, everyone will be happy and moved. We are happy to witness the children's step-by-step growth, which can warm their lives year by year. Maybe we can do little and pay little, but even a little love will make their lives less cold. Let's meet again next year's journey of love, build a fence with love, protect the weak hearts of these vulnerable children, and let them grow up healthily and happily

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