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The National Day Mid Autumn Festival "double festival" is approaching

the national shopping carnival is coming

Shuanghu wooden door holiday special, shocking

are you ready

September 20 - October 8

"celebrate the national day and enjoy the benefits" was officially launched

activities continue throughout the National Day Golden Week

national linkage, greater action and greater efforts

create the annual huge benefits of Shuanghu wooden door

//National Day gift No.1//

pay attention to the courtesy headquarters direct mail

during the event, pay attention to the "Shuanghu wooden door" official account

submit your name, and you will have the opportunity to receive a gift of the mascot of the Shuanghu wooden door factory headquarters direct mail by phone

//National Day gift No.2/

value-added special offers detonate the whole venue

Shuanghu wooden door factory will work with hundreds of franchised stores nationwide

National Day super trench gift bag, and super discount, Super value special price

thank you to consumers all over the country

//National Day gift three//

new popular factory price direct discount

double tiger wooden door national linkage, shocking the launch of new popular wooden door

the national unified price is only 999 yuan/box

if you want to have style, personality and connotation home decoration

then the new double tiger wooden door is your best choice

this offer is only available for pre-sale on wechat official account during the event

description of event funds

Product Introduction

Shuanghu wooden door a1072 wooden door maintains a consistent simple style. Through grasping the details of material, color, shape and so on, it uses exquisite lines to match the wooden door with the beauty of life, creating a living space with a great sense of quality

product parameters

Product Model: a1072

Product Style: simple style

opening and closing method: side hung door

wood door color: oil mixed white

finishing process: paint finish

wood door type: solid wood composite

applicable room: bedroom, study, children's room, etc.

Product details

golden ratio

the so-called golden ratio is recognized as the most promising.The proportion of aesthetic significance, It is strictly proportional, artistic and harmonious. The double tiger wooden door follows the living habits of the human body, has an insight into the aesthetic needs of home decoration, and introduces the most suitable size for the aesthetic needs, so as to make the home decoration more outstanding as a whole

personalized design

Shuanghu wooden door believes that design is an attitude towards life. Shuanghu wooden door is constantly using the perspective of modern young people to re-examine the needs of consumers. With the theme of "simplicity", a1072 wooden door is built into a product with both personality and fashion. While giving the wooden door aesthetic and artistic connotation, it allows users to experience a quality life of simplicity and authenticity

over the years, Shuanghu wooden door has won many advantages with an open mind, maintained its original intention of "providing consumers with products to buy for life at one time", and created more quality lives for more people. Shuanghu wooden door has been proving with action

for the future, Shuanghu wooden door will continue to move forward on the road of quality, and create diversified products with Seiko standards and excellent materials to further meet user needs

pre sale participation mode

1. Pay attention to wechat official account "double tiger wooden door"

2. Submit "appointment + name + phone", such as "appointment, Zhang Sanfeng, 138888888888"

3. We will contact you in time to confirm the reservation information

other instructions

1. The new special price wooden door does not include installation and hardware

2. Quality assurance and after-sales are consistent with other double tiger wooden doors

3. Please consult the local terminal store for activity details

4. Shuanghumu owns the final interpretation right of this activity





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