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Floor is an indispensable material in decoration. First of all, wood flooring materials are very important, and installation is also very important. So insiders often say "Three depends on quality, seven depends on installation." when choosing flooring materials, we should recognize the materials clearly, and don't choose some unheard of wood. Generally, many of the deformation of the floor after installation is due to the employment of irregular decoration construction teams. In this case, it is relatively difficult to identify the responsibility. In most cases, consumers can only suffer a loss. Here, the icon floor provides you with some common sense and installation time of the floor Matters needing attention

solid wood composite flooring becomes the main sales body of solid wood flooring

from the consumption trend of solid wood flooring in 2008, solid wood composite flooring has become the mainstream of consumption. In the case of a 10% decline in the whole flooring industry, the sales volume of solid wood composite flooring increased by 30%. It is expected that the annual production and sales volume will exceed 80million square meters, and solid wood composite flooring will become the mainstream of solid wood flooring consumption. The traditional solid wood flooring is still decreasing and is gradually replaced by solid wood composite flooring

and three-layer solid wood flooring and solid wood multi-layer flooring have become the main consumer of solid wood composite flooring

from the consumption structure of solid wood flooring at home and abroad, the domestic market of three-layer solid wood flooring with European market as the mainstream and multi-layer solid wood flooring with American market as the mainstream has grown rapidly. The continuous maturity of technology and market has made solid wood composite flooring obtain great development and changed the consumption concept of solid wood flooring. Three-layer and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring has become the main melody of today's solid wood consumption

consumption advantages of three-layer and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring

in the international market, solid wood flooring products represented by three-layer and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring are collectively referred to as "engerwoodflooring", which means solid wood flooring after industrial processing. This kind of products scientifically avoid the problems in the use of traditional solid wood flooring, and present longer service life, more functions and richer surface style features

1. The perfect combination of large-scale industrial production and style and characteristic technology. Whether three-layer solid wood flooring or multi-layer solid wood flooring, the interlaced product structure overcomes the deformation caused by wood anisotropy

2. Industrialized wood pretreatment process. The large-scale pretreatment of wood includes anti-corrosion, stress balance treatment, insect prevention, flame retardant, antibacterial and other treatments, and the wood treatment realizes the industrialization process

3. The production technology of solid wood composite floor greatly improves the processing accuracy and stability of products. The processing accuracy of large-scale precision processing equipment reaches the micron level, and the product combination accuracy determines the beauty, sealing, moisture-proof and other indicators of products

4. Feel more comfortable. In fact, the foot feel comes from the texture of the wood species selected by the product. The wood species most suitable for surface wood may be hard, cold and uncomfortable. The three-layer and multi-layer solid wood floors adopt different wood species for the surface and middle layers, which can achieve a high degree of unity between appearance decoration and use comfort

5. Easier installation. Three layer and multi-layer solid wood floors are suitable for non keel installation. With the popularity of geothermal heating, the advantages of non keel installed three-layer and multi-layer solid wood floors in product stability, processing accuracy and good thermal conductivity are greatly reflected. Statistics show that a considerable number of floor complaints are caused by improper keel installation

6. Rich surface decoration style features. Because different wood cutting methods on the surface of three-layer and multi-layer solid wood composite floors can produce different decorative effects, different splicing methods produce differentiated characteristics, providing rich space for the shaping of product style

7. Higher economic advantages. Due to the high yield, solid wood composite flooring and traditional solid wood flooring with the same surface species have quite prominent cost advantages. At the same time, it will make positive contributions to the sustainable development and comprehensive utilization of resources

///second hand house wood floor renovation should be cautious

the latest decoration survey shows that about 30% of consumers are considering secondary decoration. In fact, more than 65% of consumers in Europe and the United States will carry out secondary decoration, and on average, they enter a round of secondary decoration every 5-8 years. In China, the time between secondary decoration is slightly longer

the following aspects should be paid attention to in the secondary decoration of wood floors:

1 Solid wood floors should not be renovated. Usually, the renovation is to scrape the paint off the old floor before planing and painting. Not only the workmanship is complex, but also it can't change the cracks and noise produced by the honest wood floor. In addition, the ordinary paint is not wear-resistant and can't meet the quality standard. It is suggested that keels should not be used for newly paved floors

2. Before floor paving, the site shall be surveyed in advance, and the door, skirting line, ground level and other conditions shall be well known and adjusted in advance

3. The ground is upgraded, and the wooden floor is in place in one step. In fact, no matter whether the original floor is old floor, ceramic tile or cement floor, it is undoubtedly the most appropriate to choose wood floor. On the one hand, it meets the use requirements, on the other hand, it is beautiful, and on the other hand, the construction is simple and economical

secondary decoration launched a series of measures:

first, low noise, less dust, less disturbance to the residents

during the secondary decoration, the building is full of residents, so the installation requirements are higher than those of the newly occupied community. The installation workers who have been strictly trained by the holy elephant enterprise and take up their posts with certificates can be competent for the installation work of higher standards. Through equipment transformation, cutting in advance, adding dust cover and other measures, try to reduce noise and dust when laying the floor

II. Remove the old floor for free

III. measure in place in advance, customize it, and calculate carefully to save money and worry for consumers without waste

IV. provide more product designs and colors to facilitate consumption choices, and match the original old furniture. It is easier to make the new style consistent with the original furniture as a whole, and the style is unified

geothermal paving materials are preferred

1. Feet are hot, head is cool and heat transfer is mild

2. Heat is fast and heat storage capacity is high

when having the same heat source, there is no significant difference between the heating and heat storage capacity of floors and tiles

floor heat dissipation is small under non geothermal heating and low temperature

3. saving money and simple construction:

under the condition of the same surface paving material price, the wooden floor is paved free of charge and the loss is small. Because the floor tiles are paved with labor costs and auxiliary materials such as cement and sand, it will cost about 40 yuan per square meter

4. Worry free and easy to take care of:

laminate maintenance: laminate does not need maintenance and waxing. Once the ground heating fault can be simply lifted, it can be repaired

floor tile maintenance: in case of problems, you can only remove and repair

good laminate flooring, suitable for geothermal elements

1. The substrate density should be high

surface density> 1000kg/m3, average density> 850kg/m3, with uniform distribution and balanced distribution of heat conduction effect

2. Moisture proof sealing

when preventing the change of temperature and humidity, ensure the stability of the moisture content of the floor, so that the product can expand and contract evenly when the temperature and humidity change

3. The latch tension should be large

the latch tension is stronger, and the fatigue resistance is longer, so that the product can still be integrated in a high degree in a long-term hot and cold environment

good solid wood composite floor, suitable for geothermal elements

1. Pretreatment of production process

targeted treatment of each log, 48 hours of cooking, to ensure that the moisture content of the product maintains a stable balance, and that the product can still maintain a stable expansion and contraction when the humidity and temperature change violently

2. Sandwich veneer structure

the crisscross sandwich veneer structure is mutually restrained, and there are anti deformation grooves on the back, which decomposes the stress generated by the heating surface, so the deformation is very small, especially in the geothermal environment

3. Thermal conductivity ≥ 8 ℃/h

the test samples have been tested by the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of wood-based panels and wood and bamboo products, and the thermal conductivity meets the ly/t1700-2007 standard





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