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What is the difference between dual core and quad core computer CPU

I believe most people know that CPUs can be divided into single core, dual core, quad core, six core, eight core, etc. some computer Xiaobai certainly believes that the more cores, the stronger the performance. However, many installed users have found that some CPU models are dual core, but they are more expensive than some Quad cores. Many people are confused. So the question is, what is the difference between dual core and quad core CPUs

when talking about the difference between dual core and quad core, the installation home first introduces the origin of the transition from single core CPU to dual core. From the perspective of dual core technology, what is dual core? There is no doubt that dual cores should have two physical computing cores. In fact, the earliest true dual core is the product of AMD. According to the existing data, amd Opteron processor has considered adding a second core from the beginning of its design. The two CPU cores use the same system request interface SRI, hypel important purpose rtransport technology and memory controller, and are compatible with the 940 pin interface used by the 90nm single core processor. However, Intel's dual core is only packaged with two complete CPUs and connected to the same lower end bus of the big environment before China's economy entered the new normal. It can be said that AMD's solution is truly "dual core", while Intel's solution is "dual core"

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what is the difference between dual core and Quad Core:

1. Quad core has two more processor cores than dual core, so it consumes a lot of power, but its ability to process data is also greatly enhanced

2. If it mainly deals with a single program, the quad core may not be as good as the dual core. Dual core CPUs may not be as good as some single core CPUs

3. If you want to play more games, in addition to having enough memory, a quad core processor seems to be a good choice

4. Correct a mistake. It is not that the more cores, the faster the electronic universal tensile machine can be used as an experimental project. If the CPU occupation rate is not high when using the computer most of the time, then the quad core is not necessarily faster than the dual core. The dominant frequency of the CPU determines the speed of processing data. For software that requires a small amount of CPU to process data, the quad core with a slow dominant frequency can not be faster than the dual core with a fast dominant frequency

in order to better let the computer Xiaobai understand dual core and quad core, for example: when playing a game, the dual core team plays boss on behalf of two people, while the quad core team plays boss on behalf of four people. Usually, four people must be more efficient than two people in playing boss. However, if these four people are novices with lower grades, and those two people are veterans with higher grades, maybe two people will kill boss faster

when we choose dual core or quad core CPUs, we should not only focus on the processors with several cores, because the performance of quad core processors is not necessarily better than that of dual core processors. For example, compared with dual core I3 4170, the overall performance of dual core I3 4170 processor of AMD is certainly better than that of quad core 870k processor. It is not only the single core that has strong performance. The dual core I3 4170 has a three-level cache, while the quad core 870k has no three-level cache, In addition, the manufacturing process is also much more advanced than the quad core 870, and the quad core i5 processor is certainly stronger than the dual core I3 4170 processor, which is superior to the dual core I3 4170 processor in terms of single core performance and multi task processing

therefore, we must not only look at the number of cores when selecting CPU. We must integrate other important parameters, such as CPU main frequency, bus speed, system 2, equipped with various specifications of force value sensors as process, and level-1, level-2, and level-3 cache. Another example is Intel CPU, which distinguishes core, Pentium and Celeron. Undoubtedly, core is the best, followed by Pentium, and Celeron is the lowest end

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