What is the difference between Delma vc01 and vc20

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What is the difference between Delma vc01 and vc20? Which is better

the main difference between Delma vc01 and vc20 vacuum cleaners is that the number of suction heads is different. Vc01 has a floor brush, and the flat mouth sucked two suction heads on February 17 10 days ago. Vc20 has a floor brush assembly, two in one slot flat suction, and three small brush suction heads,; Second, the size of the vc20 is different. The vc20 has a larger size and similar functions. You can buy it when you need it at home. My family bought this Delma vc01. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner is a newly launched model in 2020. It grows grass in a certain East. It is really very good, and the suction is very strong. Small sand can be sucked into and fixed on the pull rod. The operation is very convenient. Different suction heads can be used for suction. The assembly and disassembly are very simple, and the washing is also very easy

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1. Delma vc01 wireless vacuum cleaner JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 369.00

JD event quotation link: it is necessary to use a large pressurized furnace to manufacture such materials into solid parts Delma vc01 wireless vacuum cleaner configuration parameters:

very good, high-end atmosphere It's high-grade, but the noise is too loud and the power is too high! The suction is really great. It's very practical to dust and absorb water. The kitchen often has water on the floor. It can't be cleaned with a cloth. It will absorb water thoroughly, and it can also be blown to quickly solve the moisture. Good, good quality and low price, very good. More suction than my little vacuum cleaner

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