What is the devil training of the hottest Cuban mo

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What is the devil training of mountain river intelligent spiral pile in hot Cuba

what is the devil training of mountain river intelligent spiral pile in hot Cuba

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in May, in binad, Cuba, the hot sun is baking the fertile land, the dazzling white light makes people dizzy, and the skin is as painful as a string under the sun. Usually, this is the photovoltaic power project base, and the screw ground pile operators are receiving training. Only 10 screw pile drills were lined up, which was a spectacular scene. After the Shanhe intelligent service personnel demonstrated the installation and commissioning of the drilling rigs of 10 screw pile drills, 20 operators of Cuba electric power company trained in pairs

the 10 screw pile drill rigs arranged in a row are spectacular.

the design of 20 jigs for training is mainly based on the experimental standards of materials and the shape and material of samples (especially finished and semi-finished products). The training is concerned by Cuba's senior leaders, If you want to know more information or want to buy a universal testing machine, you are welcome to take the lead of the Cuban Minister of electric power and the commander of the military headquarters in Havana, the capital, to select 20 workers of the electric power company. The project equipment manufacturer - Shanhe intelligence will focus on them for 15 days, which will increase the share of plastic packaging in the market

considering the simple training environment and the background that most ancient people have zero foundation for mechanical operation, Shanhe intelligent service department has formulated a set of training programs specifically to combine theory with practical operation. Under the diligent study of the ancient workers, the on-site operators were familiar with the name, structure, performance and function of the machine parts, and mastered the basic operation essentials and machine maintenance knowledge. In particular, the design of the hydraulic system of Shanhe intelligent equipment is easy to operate, which has been highly praised by the ancient managers and operators

after the completion of the training on basic machine knowledge, the training work immediately entered the practical piling link known as the devil training by the Cubans. Each drill rig has 10 steel piles, which are repeatedly rotated in and out. Under the patient and repeated guidance of Shanhe intelligent service personnel, the operators have a new grasp of the verticality and parallelism of the steel pile into the soil and the micro motion control of the drilling rig. The speed and quality of the pile can meet the construction requirements. With the cooperation of two people in a group, the pile loading, verticality adjustment and the steel pile into the soil can be successfully completed within 2 minutes. The leaders of Cuba electric power company gave a thumbs up. The Cuban workers who participated in the whole training cheered after the training of boarding and alighting flatbed cars, the theory and operation examination, and the issuance of Shanhe intelligent authorized operation certificates and prizes

pile driving training

theoretical study

uphill and downhill operation training

at the graduation award ceremony, the students who won the first place in the theoretical examination and practical operation examination left excited tears. He said that after 15 days of devil training, he deeply realized that attitude determines everything and does things in a down-to-earth manner. He also thanked Shanhe intelligence for giving him the opportunity to improve his business and hone himself. He hoped to participate in such high-standard and high-level training activities in the future

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