The hottest plastic market enters the cold winter

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The plastic market has entered a cold winter

recently, with the decline of winter temperature in the domestic plastic raw material market, the sales price has fallen repeatedly. Especially in the middle of November last year, the spot prices of polypropylene, polyethylene and many other varieties fell by 500 yuan per week (ton price, the same below), giving the impression that the market of plastic raw materials is entering the cold winter season

although guozhongwang not only provides all the production of aluminum inner plastic processing industry, it is generally in the off-season at the end of each year. This year, due to the skillful control of high raw materials, the processing industry can manipulate prices independently, and the processing industry is covered by a wait-and-see atmosphere

the main reasons for the sharp decline in the domestic plastic raw material market are: due to the high price of international ethylene and propylene raw materials in the early stage, the current raw material price shows signs of decline, and at the same time, the market situation at the beginning of this year is difficult to estimate. In order to try to ensure capital turnover, international plastic production enterprises and intermediaries have to sell products at low prices to minimize inventory pressure. At the end of the year, some international market analysts based on the fact that the world economic development will slow down this year, which will have a great negative impact on the plastic products industry, especially the automotive plastic parts market. Ignoring the value of impact energy can not directly explain the toughness of materials. The market at the beginning of the year has increased people's psychological burden. Even if enterprises repeatedly reduce the ex factory price of products, it will not stimulate market buying

generally speaking, after the Spring Festival, the domestic plastic processing industry has entered the peak season of construction, and the demand for plastic raw materials will improve. In the near future, the domestic plastic market will basically maintain the state of gradually building a chassis. (excerpted from China business daily)

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