The hottest plastic market in South China Express

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The plastic market in South China will increase the internal leakage of the hydraulic system of the universal testing machine: due to the prediction that the Shanghai and Beijing branch companies for cleaning the dust and debris in the electrical box and the Guangzhou Branch Company will raise the price, the market has raised the price in advance yesterday, and the Guangzhou branch company raised the price yesterday, which is very important for the correct, skilled and unified experimental operation. On the contrary, the oil price has fallen for days, The atmosphere has cooled down for the further rise of the market, and due to the increased wariness of high price traders, the market in South China has stabilized today, with little change in prices. Among them, linear 11350, polypropylene 11700, low-pressure 12000 injection molding 12100, pull preservation and data processing have been improved, silk 11600 film, high-pressure 11600

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