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Asian plastic market


the market fell again by $20/ton, and the price basically reached $500/ton CFR. Since China has never had demand and cheap ocean going goods have entered Asia, the price returned to $500/ton CFR last week. The price quoted by Asian sellers is 20 dollars/ton higher, but no one receives the goods. The seller began to quote us dollars per ton (CFR China) for plastic injection and wire drawing materials because it could not ship, but it still did not get a response from the buyer. Later, the price fell further, and it is reported that it reached the level of 490 US dollars/ton CFR, but the exact quotation has yet to be confirmed. The quotation of Indian goods is 495 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong), and the price is the same as that of Middle East goods. Although the shutdown of the cracking unit in the Middle East for one month affected the production of its 260000 ton PP unit, several long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene materials have limited energy due to their low density and excellent properties. The quotation of BOPP film material is reported to be as low as US $510/ton (CFR Hong Kong), the quantity is unknown, and the source of goods may be from the United States. Block copolymers made in South Korea rose USD/ton (CFR China). Although the price of propylene raw material is high, it no longer affects the price of PP


due to lack of demand, the price fell. The quotation of South Korea in August is yuan/ton (CFR China), and the quotation of Qatar is 610 dollars/ton (CFR China, 60 day letter of credit). The quotation of American goods is in USD/ton (CFR China). Although several factories in Asia have shut down, the supply is still sufficient. The quotation of LDPE in September is USD/ton CFR, and the quotation of most manufacturers in September continues to use the price in August. Formosa Plastics increased its quotation by $10/ton CFR because it was optimistic about the autumn market in the mainland, but the buyer did not intend to buy goods with a price higher than $1/ton CFR


due to the lack of buyers in the market, the demand has been greatly reduced. Last week, South Korea opened the gate to release water, and the quotation in August fell to US dollars/ton (CFR China), down US dollars. The quotation of Taiwan is USD/ton, and the quotation of Middle East goods is USD/ton (CFR China). Despite the problems of Gail and Haldia factories in India, which have significantly reduced their exports to Hong Kong, the supply in the region is still sufficient. The shutdown of yanpet plant in Saudi Arabia only affected its HDPE export, and did not reduce its linear export from kemya and Sharq ports. The quotation of some goods in September is USD/ton (CFR, Hong Kong/main port of China/Southeast Asia, 60 day credit period), and other quotations are as high as USD/ton. The bid price of Chinese buyers for Korean goods is 560 US dollars/ton (CFR China)


prices in Northeast and West Asia are stable, while prices in Southeast Asia are weak. Affected by the shutdown of PE plants in India and Saudi Arabia, HDPE transactions were slightly active. The shutdown of yanpet 2 plant in Saudi Arabia and Gail and IPCL plants in India has reduced the supply in Asia, and yanpet will withdraw from the market in September. In September, the selling price of membrane grade goods was $610/ton (CFR, China/Hong Kong/Southeast Asia), while traders offered only $1/ton CFR


the price of PVC showed a slight upward trend. It is reported that Japanese manufacturers have sold all their goods in September, and the transaction price is basically $470/ton (CFR China, with 90 day billing period). Other manufacturers, such as those in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, are still negotiating with their users on September goods transactions. At present, the buyer's bid level for September goods is 430 ~ 440 US dollars/ton (CFR China). On the market, the quotation level of Korean manufacturers is 460 US dollars/ton (CFR China), while that of Indonesian suppliers is 450 US dollars/ton (CFR China). The current price in China's domestic market has fallen to 5000 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to 440 ~ 450 dollars/ton (CFR China). In the Southeast Asian market, the situation is basically similar to that in the Far East market. The buyer and the seller are negotiating on the goods sold to the Southeast Asian market in September. The buyer's purchase price level is about 440 ~ 450 dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), while the Thai manufacturer has set the quotation level at 470 dollars/ton (CFR Southeast Asia) due to the limited supply


the price of polystyrene fell because middlemen and distributors withdrew from the market one after another. It is reported that middlemen have replenished their inventory in the past two weeks, and they are unwilling to buy more goods without increasing user demand. In addition, they are also worried that the price of styrene monomer in Asia may have reached the top and will fall, because the price of styrene in the United States is currently lower. At present, the lowest quotation level for general-purpose polystyrene in the polystyrene market is 540 ~ 550 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, including Hong Kong miscellaneous charges) or 530 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, spot payment). The quotation level of other suppliers is 540 ~ 550 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, spot payment). Market demand is generally weak, and the purchase price level of buyers is 540 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, including Hong Kong miscellaneous fees) or 525 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, spot payment). In addition, the price quoted by manufacturers for high impact polystyrene is about $20/ton higher than that of general grade, while the price offered by users is only $10/ton higher than that of general grade


although the demand of Chinese users is very low, the price of Asia a conditioning knob BS remains at a stable level. It is reported that the raw material butadiene has recently fallen by US $10/ton to US $380 ~ 390/ton (CFR China/Taiwan). However, due to the relatively strong price of styrene monomer, ABS manufacturers try to prevent the decline of ABS price. Some manufacturers said that the ABS market should have bottomed out, and they were optimistic that ABS prices would rise slightly in the fourth quarter. At present, the manufacturers' quotation level for 100 electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine ~ 2000 tons in the first half of September is 780 dollars/ton (CFR China/Hong Kong). While the quotation level of Thai and Japanese manufacturers is 810 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong/Southeast Asia), at the same time, the quotation of Taiwan suppliers for the first half of September is 820 ~ 830 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong/China). In terms of buyers, the current purchase price level of Chinese buyers is $760/ton (CFR China)

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