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This week, the team created materials with a predictable life of several minutes or hours. The East China plastic market generally maintained a low and stable operation. Zhongwang also participated in the optimization design of component structures, material experiments, two-dimensional drawings, cross-section improvement, sample vehicle trial production and other work. The actual transaction in the spot market was unsatisfactory, which restricted the recovery of market popularity to a certain extent, The weak market pattern is still difficult to change in the recent period, and the future market is expected to continue the weak consolidation trend

abs resin, the overall market trend has not changed. Affected by the poor sales, the actual transaction price of Jinhu 750 and LG hi121h fell to about 9650 yuan (including tax ton price, the same below), and the current price of Qimei 757 is 11300 Yuan due to the small spot

polystyrene resin, restrained by the weak demand in the downstream market, the price market is difficult to improve. Domestic high impact strength (HIPS) such as Panjin and Fushun 825 are only sold for 6800 yuan in stock, while general purpose grade (GPPS) Yanshan 666d, Zhanjiang 535, Panjin 525, Daqing 206, Yangtze 158k and Qilu 7535a are traded at yuan

polyethylene trees must ensure that the system is preheated for more than 20 minutes, and the market situation shows a slow downward trend. The selling prices of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) N220, Q200 and N150 made in Shanghai are 100 yuan lower than last week, the spot price of Qatar 0274 is 7400 yuan, the market price of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and wire drawing 5000S is 7100 yuan, the trading price of injection molding grade 5070 (Panjin) and 2908 (Fushun) is 7100 yuan, and the trading price of hollow grade 0400 (LG), 5502 (Jinfei) The selling price of b303 (oilization) is yuan, and the transaction price of film grade F600 (oilization) and 6098 (Qilu) is 7300 yuan

polypropylene resin, the market is relatively stable. The price of drawing grade F401 made in Hong Kong is about 6300 yuan, the market price of injection molding grade j340 made in Yangzi is 6700 yuan, and the recent spot transaction prices of 1088b made in South Korea and bj730 made in Samsung are 6800 yuan and 7500 yuan respectively

PVC resin, due to the decline of VCM cost in the market, the recent market may have a downward trend. In addition, due to the impact of low-cost imported goods, the rebound of domestic ordinary grade powder in the spot market has been restricted, and the temporary upward process will come to an end. At present, the market price of various varieties produced in Shanghai and Qilu is basically maintained at about 6100 yuan

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