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Anna Nicholas: Feral Britain - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In North Yorkshire, 16-year-old Alex Williams and a friend were sitting on a park bench having lunch when a random adult male attacked them and threatened to stab them. Alex advised him to leave them alone but when the stranger lurched forward and grabbed himThe sunny weather Saturday on a closed stretch of Lakeshore Ave. for ActiveTO., he went into survival mode and flipped the thug over on his backve also ordered other gatherings not to exceed 100 people. Unbeknown to the assailant2021-05-03T10:15:00Z, Alex was a Jiu Jitsu world champion and well-practised in martial artsmedia and broadcasters..

The attacker swayed to his feet and attacked the teenager again, this time violently biting his ear. Williams defended himself once more, throwing the man to the floor and waiting until defeated, the assailant ran away with an adult male accomplice in tow. The police arrived and Alex was taken to hospital where he had six stitches in his torn ear.

A video was taken of the attack and went viral drumming up more than a million viewsThe changing times.. The boy’s trainer praised Alex Williams’s cool head and urged other British teens to take up martial arts to defend themselves on Britain’s streets. How charming.

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